Wycliffe gestured with his hands as he unfolded his miraculous story of how God saved him and his family from certain death, and what the Lord has done in his life since that nearly fatal day.

“I left home to go to Nairobi, but I had to live on the streets,” Wycliffe recalled. “Life was not easy. I collected bottles in order to have money for food. From the streets God took me to the Kibera slum in Nairobi, the second largest slum in Africa, with a population of about one million people. And it’s still growing.”

Wycliffe got married in Kibera, and he and his family lived in a tiny house. He befriended the son of his landlord, who was also Wycliffe’s neighbor. The two men talked about life and Wycliffe invited his friend, who was a Muslim, to attend his church. “But my friend’s father was an imam in the local mosque, so it was an abomination for his son to go to church,”

Wycliffe explained. “One day this son ran to my house, telling me, ‘My father is seeking to kill me, I have to go.’” Two days later, Wycliffe’s house was set on fire. The attackers locked the door and windows from the outside, trapping Wycliffe and his family inside as the flames roared. He continues the story:

“I was holding my daughter, thinking there was no way out and we were going to die, when the door suddenly opened and a hand beckoned to me, saying, ‘Come on out! Come on out!’ The flames were swept to one side and I ran out with my children.

“I expected to find someone outside telling me to come out, but there was no one there! And immediately after we stepped out, the door slammed shut and locked again right behind me.”

Wycliffe and his family escaped, but their house was destroyed and they lost everything. “My daughter spent five months in the hospital,” he said, “and she will never have hair. It was all burned off.”

Wycliffe fell into such deep despair after this family’s escape from death that he even attempted suicide at one point. But then he got a job in a shop that prints materials for Precept in Kenya. Watch what happens to Wycliffe’s life when he starts an Inductive Bible Study through Precept.

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