With American kids, the list is long how children spend their time: school, social media, piano practice, Little League, Vacation Bible School, ballet, video games, tennis, track, television, and time with family, to name a few.

Contrast this with what many Romanian children do, and especially orphan children. The horrific images of the 20/20 broadcast, “Shame on a Nation,” which exposed the vile conditions in Romanian orphanages after the fall of Nicolae Ceausecu was shocking!

The standard of living for the Romanian orphanages is still grave despite vast improvements.

The children need help and are looking for answers. The Precept Romanian teams are giving hope and the love of Jesus Christ to Romanian children and orphans.

Summer camps are formed throughout Romania to help teach the children God’s Word through Precept Bible Studies. The lives of the children are radially being changed as they learn who God is and how He can make a radical difference in their lives.

In the Precept Romanian Summer Camp 43 young people surrendered their lives to the Lord.  140 people attended; Precept leaders, young adults, and children who studied, God, What’s Your Name? , and Lord, I Want to Know You .

On Sunday mornings the young students stood on stage in churches and recited Bible verses and sing songs about the truths about the names of God. The joy on their faces is such an answer to prayer, as the students radiated the truth and gave testimony to what the students have learned.

Students reciting Bible verses and singing songs about the names of God.
Students reciting Bible verses and singing songs about the names of God.

Among this group, 25 children and youth came from orphanages. Costel and Mia Oglice share how wonderful it is to see lives changed as a result of the children and students