SOUTH SUDAN: A History Of Strife


Quick Facts About South Sudan


  • 12 million people
  • 65% under age 25
  • Over 600 different major ethnic groups
  • Arabic and English are the primary languages


  • Accusations of a coup d’e’tat in 2013 led to a civil war and ongoing ethnic violence
  • Children kidnapped and forcibly recruited as child soldiers
  • South Sudan does not fully comply with the minimum standards of elimination of trafficking and is not making significant efforts to do so



  • An estimated 2.8 million face food insecurity
  • Over 1 million people – primarily women and children, survivors of violent attacks and sexual assaults – have fled to nearby countries for safety and shelter
  • Deadly, hostile outbreaks against humanitarian aid workers have killed at least 50 people since 2013


  • The majority claim to be Christian, but they practice a mixture of Christianity and the indigenous religious practices of the people

SOUTH SUDAN: A History Of Strife

Decades of war have left the country without a decent infrastructure and with millions of refugees who fled to escape genocide. One of the most significant attacks took place in April 2014 when the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition Army killed civilians suspected of supporting the government, including hundreds who had fled to places of worship and hospitals for safety. Fighters were reportedly encouraged to rape women from the opposing ethnic group.

Horrific persecution and famine are prevalent in the country, as are child trafficking, violence, and sexual assault. Yet, church growth is rising, along with a great concern for the next generation and their response to the Gospel.

Church leaders throughout the country are hungry for training, and Precept Ministries International continues to provide resources and training to help establish the Sudanese in God’s Word.

One Precept trainer when to South Sudan, led seminars, and started a four-day training on the book of Titus. In attendance were 120 pastors, deacons and youth leaders who were hungry for God’s Word. As they discovered truth, the began to come forward to ask forgiveness from God. For hours, they asked questions, shared concerns and expressed joy over the truth they were able to discover for themselves. The leader who organized these events said, “The Word is like honey to us, and this time is a real blessing.” The bishop E.D. said, “This is what we need for all our churches, and it is an answer for our churches.”

Precept Ministries completed the translation and printing of the Arabic Inductive Study Bible in spring 2016, opening up the Truth to as many as 420 million Arabic speakers around the world who desperately need to know the True God.
Precept’s work in South Sudan includes providing the resources and training for 200 pastors so they can learn the inductive study method and transfer that vision to make disciples in their churches. We will also plan to train public school teachers who will impact about 2,000 children using The Truth About Sex study.

Coming out of decades of war, sickness and disease, many children in South Sudan are in orphanages. Precept is providing the Word of God to two orphanages to help bring hope to hundreds of children who so desperately need to know a God who loves them.

From The Field

Precept spreads like wildfire across Africa…

When 500 Ugandan pastors get together to learn how to study God’s Word, you know something good is about to happen! As one pastor in attendance stated, “I have no words to describe it; I am just so filled with joy that God is moving so much!”  ...

Training Pastors on Two Continents!

“We’re now fired up to go and get Uganda back to God’s Word…” —PASTOR, UGANDA Three separate Inductive Bible Study trainings were held for pastors in Africa and Eurasia. At each conference, pastors were equipped with the tools they need to dig deeper into God’s Word...

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