I’ve never experienced this more personally than I did the morning of January 9, when my dad, Jack Arthur, went home to heaven. While death and the loss of a loved one is obviously painful and brings sadness, frustration and even anger,

“as Christians, we find comfort in knowing death
is not the end. Jesus defeated death.”

The resurrection declares that emphatically. Now, physical death is merely the passage into life eternal. That’s the beauty of the resurrection. It doesn’t rid us of the sorrow and the pain, but it gives us HOPE that this isn’t over.

We’re about to celebrate Easter and the resurrection of Jesus—the Good News that changed everything. Isn’t that a message we want others to experience for themselves?

On the morning of my dad’s death, I went out to the woods and stopped at Lake Ocoee. I was sitting there on the shore. It was beautiful. The early morning sun was shining across the water. As I sat there, I watched as the waves were lapping up on a nearby boulder. A wave would splash up and wet the rock, then it would go away.

A couple minutes later, another wave would come and replace the mark the previous wave made. As I sat there, I thought, that’s kind of like we are. We’re like waves. We’re not here forever . . . There goes Dad’s wave. Here comes mine. And soon it will be my kids’ waves.

I thought about how each of us wants to make as much impact as we can, and it was an encouraging reminder to know God is continually bringing more! He used people before us and He will use people after us. But while it’s our turn, don’t we want Him to use us to get up on that boulder as high as we can?

As believers, you and I know getting into the Word is how we meet with Jesus. And meeting with Jesus changes everything.

If you’ve experienced the resurrection, you
can help other people experience it by
getting into the Word themselves.

At Precept, through your generous support, each year we are able to equip hundreds of thousands of people to do that. We’re saying, “Look, we want to establish you in God’s Word! We want you to sink the roots so deep that all of your life is affected by this truth.”

Friend, your gift today will help provide translations and printings of Precept™ Inductive Bible Studies all around the world! You’ll help men, women and children worldwide experience the resurrection for themselves . . . The hope that you and I have in heaven. The promise of life after death and eternity with our heavenly Father.

Your gift today will help provide translations
and printings of Precept™ Inductive Bible
Studies all around the world.

This Easter and always, I pray you experience the peace, hope and love of the resurrection. Thank you for your heart for helping others discover the gift of God’s Word.

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