Around the world thousands are being discipled through Precept Ministries International. Their thirst for the Word is being quenched by being taught how to observe the Word through Inductive Bible Study, which is empowering people to discover truth for themselves, and the result is lives are being transformed.

Precept Ministries International exists to establish people in God’s Word. In nearly 180 countries and 70 languages, our leaders are using the Inductive Bible Study Method and materials to show others how to: discover truth for themselves, know their God, and to become disciples of Jesus Christ.

The hope for any country is not more money, food, or resources. In many countries the need is too great and the poverty is too overwhelming. Their only hope is the Word of God filtered into their nation, changing lives and molding futures. Our national Directors are doing just that. They have discovered and experienced truth for themselves and are spending their lives investing in the lives of others, making disciples. They are discipling men, women, and children through Inductive Bible studies and training them to become leaders and disciple-makers themselves.

Precept Ministries provides students of all ages training and materials in their own languages so that they can recruit and train thousands of new leaders, multiplying their effort and reaching globally to make even more disciples. Life changes are occurring all over the world because people who have been impacted by the Word want others in their country to know God and be transformed. Precept Ministries is creating a common bond globally as they establish people in God’s Word through Inductive Bible Studies, therefore fulfilling their role in this kingdom mission of making disciples.