Right now, you have an incredible opportunity to help equip our youth during this critical time.


Every Summer, Precept Ministries hosts EQUIP Boot Camp, an intensive eight-day camp for young people, ages 14-18, to come and dig deep into God’s Word through Inductive Bible Study. We need your help to raise $114,750* by February 28 so that more than 300 young people are able to attend this summer.

Your gift today will help make it possible for students from here in the U.S. (and even several international students) to attend EQUIP Boot Camp 2017 and learn for themselves what God’s Word has to say about the foundational truths found in the first three chapters of the book of Genesis.

Students like 18-year-old Will, who wrote:

“Boot Camp is such a fantastic opportunity to take a week and come away from the world and just spend that week immersed in God’s Word. The amount of things that I’ve learned and the amount of applications I’ve gleaned from coming to Boot Camp is just immeasurable!”

This is the kind of spiritual growth your gift will help cultivate and the life change you help make possible!

*If we receive donations greater than $114,750, they will go into the operating fund for Transform Student Ministries.

Stories of Transformation

“It’s been very life-changing within just the first three or four days. I’ve been reminded of the basic truths of God’s Word and how it can be applied to my life right now and how I can go home and share it with close friends who are struggling with some things.”


“My first day, I was really intimidated. It was so much time in God’s Word. I realized that when you come to Boot Camp it’s all about God. It’s about spending time in God’s Word. You’re going to have fun but the main purpose is to learn about God and who you are in Christ.

The reason why I keep coming back is because what God teaches me and how much He shows me how much I need Him and I’ve realized that NOTHING can come in place of spending time in God’s Word!”


“God started working in me and He brought me here and showed me why I am here now and I’ve learned so much about Him and His timing and sovereignty. Every year I’m here, I learn something new from the Bible because we’re in it so much but you also learn about yourself.”


“Actually my mom made me apply because my YoungLife leader became a Christian at camp a long time ago and was talking to my mom about it. My mom was saved through a Precept study and so my mom forced me to apply and I knew literally nobody coming in. So I actually had been praying not to come to camp and my mom and all her friends had been praying that I would get in and be able to come. Obviously, my prayer was not answered and I’m so thankful for that because I love Precept! In my five years as a camper, I made literally lifelong friendships. I’m still so close with people. So when I had the opportunity to come and be on staff, I jumped at it because it’s a chance for me to give other people the experience that I had with the Lord!”


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Transform Student Ministries is Precept’s ministry to teens and young adults. This department of Precept lies at the heart of what Jack and Kay Arthur began 46 years ago teaching youth how to study the Word of God. This guiding principle continues today. Transform hosts events throughout the year and seeks to equip upcoming generations with the tools they need to discover God in and through His living Word.

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