Plumbline September 2014

Sep 1, 2014


God is calling believers to make a difference

This is our time.

It is a time when America’s foundation of faith is being shaken. It is a time when many fear for America’s spiritual future. It is a time of growing trials and challenges.

But in God’s perfect plan, it is also OUR TIME to MAKE A DIFFERENCE! God has placed us in this country at this very time to be His light shining in the darkness. We can save America one person at a time through God’s Word. You are a living, breathing, walking testament of Scripture.

Precept has been called to equip believers like you, in America and around the world, to dig deep into the Word and find strength, encouragement, and guidance from Scripture. Take a moment to read through my Plumbline article (page 4) with some practical advice from those who were literally tried by fire.