5 Things Every Leader Should Know

As a leader, there will be times in life when you just aren’t sure where to go or what’s next. Regardless of where you are in your season of leadership, here are 5 things that every leader should know! Download Related Products

Benefits of Using Audio/Video Lectures

For every Precept Upon Precept course is an accompanying audio/video lecture. This resource lists benefits of using them after discussion! Related Products

Best Ways to Teach New Students

When the rest of the class has been studying together for a while, how do you teach a new student the method without overwhelming them? We have tips for you! Related Products

Bible Study, Devotions, or Both?

Do you see the need for a separate devotional time each day or do you focus solely on your Bible study and lesson preparation? Related Products

CEU Request Form

Here is the request form if you are looking to gain Continuing Education Units through Precept Ministries International! Related Products

Discover 4 Yourself Games

Download this resource to get a list of directions and games to play with your student or child as they are studying a Discover 4 Yourself study! Related Products

How I Assess My Own Leading

Assessing our leading is a good because we all have blind spots or areas that we are too hard on ourselves! Related Products

How to Lead an Orientation

Click the download button for tips on leading an orientation for the first day of your Bible study class! Related Products

Influence: Living & Sharing a Life of Wisdom

What common trait of mentors is most critical? “Believing in” the person being mentored! It is hard to mentor people you don’t “believe in”. To paraphrase, they encourage! Related Products

Leader Guides

Leader Guides are a tool to help you prepare for class discussion! They provide questions your might consider asking and the reason behind it. Related Products

Leader Manual

This is a Leader Manuel that contains overview information for you that will help you as you are leading! Related Products

Leader Self-Evaluation Form

Because your success in leading a Precept Bible Study depends upon your qualifications to lead as well as your training & preparation, please use this form to evaluate your readiness! Related Products

My Students Aren’t Doing Their Homework!

Sometimes at the beginning of your discussion you find out that many others have not been completing the homework. What do you do when students aren’t doing the homework? Related Products

Raising Up Leaders

What does raising up a new leader look like, and why is it important? This resource offers tips to help you as a leader, disciple and raise up other leaders! Related Products

Tips for Leading

As a leader, you are looking for participation from all of your students. Let them know this! You are all learning together. Click here for more tips for leading! Related Products

Tips for Using Leader Guides

Leader guides are intended for you, the leader, to help plan your discussions. Here are tips for helping you learn how to use the Leader Guides! Related Products