What is your personal mission?

Have you found your role in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ?

You might assume being the son of a prominent Bible teacher, that I always knew I was to be a Bible teacher.

Nope. I had no idea.

Have you found your role in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ?

You might assume being the son of a prominent Bible teacher, that I always knew I was to be a Bible teacher.

Nope. I had no idea.

For me, it all started in my late 20s when my pastor asked me if I’d be willing to lead Sunday school in his place. He assured me there was no need to teach or add to the materials. My job was simple: play a videotape and then ask the prepared questions to get the conversation started. But as I watched the video, it seemed to me the questions were out of order….so I rearranged them a bit. It worked!

When asked again to lead, I found myself adding questions. Before too long I had turned off the video and was teaching straight from my New Inductive Study Bible. A light was coming on inside! I discovered my spiritual gift of teaching! Life would never be the same for me! That experience led me to leave the business world and pursue a career in teaching the Bible.

In Ephesians 4:4, Paul reminds us that we are one in Christ—unified by the very Spirit of God who indwells His people. And yet the Spirit has given us different gifts, roles and areas of influence.

All around the world, there are men and women whom God has gifted to be teachers of His Word. Yet, many have not discovered this calling!

This is why I’m writing you today . . .

Over the last four decades, Precept has raised up over
a thousand Bible trainers worldwide.

I believe these trainers have an incredibly important job: recruiting and training Bible study leaders! But as you can imagine, developing effective trainers in the Precept™ Bible Study method entails lots of time, energy—and investment.

Your gift helps reach people like Paula of Portugal who had no idea of God’s plan for her when we first met her a couple of years ago. As a pastor’s wife, she believed teaching God’s Word was her husband’s role. But after discovering Precept Bible studies, she realized it was exactly what the women of their church needed. Precept coordinators in Portugal immediately recognized Paula’s spiritual gift for teaching. Thanks to you and others who give so generously, they were able to train her to be a Precept™ Bible Study Leader. “This is my life’s purpose!” Paula recently shared. “May I be used by God to impact even more people who, like me, have the desire to study God’s Word!”

As you bless leaders like Paula in Portugal and others around the world, we want to bless you with a special offering . . .

FREE with your gift this month

As a thank you for your gift, we’ll send you a copy of our brand-new study, Sweeter than Chocolate!—Grow Up: Moving Past Spiritual Adolescence—A Flexible Inductive Study of Ephesians, by Pam Gillaspie—before it’s available to the public! (Offer available until 8/24/17.)

A seasoned Precept Bible Study leader and incredible teacher, Pam will give you study options that meet your pace, your style and timing to truly understand Ephesians. And if you haven’t yet discovered God’s calling on your own life, Ephesians is the perfect place to start!

Every Christian should experience the joy of knowing how God has specifically designed them to serve!

Right now, we are looking intentionally for those whom the Spirit has gifted and called to lead Precept Bible Studies. But to recruit and train up effective Bible study leaders, we need to invest in Precept trainers.

Will you invest with us by sending a generous gift today?

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