Students’ lives are radically being changed at a Philippine National High School.

Pastor Rodrigo “Rudy” Manzano received a request from a Philippine National High School to facilitate classes centering on values. He suggested to the administration to use the Precept 40-Minute Studymaterials to help develop students intellectually, morally, and spiritually.


National High School: Teachers thrilled about teaching and learning Inductive Bible Study
National High School: Teachers thrilled about teaching and learning Inductive Bible Study

Aftr reviewing the materials, the principal was so happy with the studies she decided all 1,100 students would take 40-Minute Studies as soon as possible! The study of God’s Word is having a tremendous impact on the students. God’s hand is working in the National High School where 29 facilitators teach 40-Minute Studies every Friday.

“I never had the chance to study the Bible in depth, as I am now doing in our classroom. For me it’s normal to attend church services but it made a great difference in my life when I personally studied the Word presented in How Do You Know God is Your Father? I learned that I need to have a personal relationship with God to confidently say He is my Father. What a big difference from those who “have a religion” but do not have a personal relationship with God. I hope someday I will be able to facilitate a Bible study group with my friends”—J.J., Philippines

pm-article_philippineshs1_inline“I was not happy the first time I learned that 40-Minute Bible studies would be taught during our free periods during school. I knew it would take time away from playing my favorite video games. One lesson dealt with knowing our real standing with God. During the study course I was convicted of the fact that I was lost without Christ, and so I accepted Him as my Redeemer and Lord. Now, I not only desire to attend the 40-Minute Bible Study class every week, I also became a member of a Gospel-preaching church in our city and attend regularly!”—A.M., Philippines

We are grateful for the generosity of individuals and groups who support the work of Precept around the world. Countless lives are being changed, and God’s Word is going forth in a profound way.

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