In India, a land where approximately 2.3 % of the people are Christian, God still heard her cry. He heard her say, “Everyone tells me I should love God: but how can I love someone I don’t know?” In her desperate search for God, He answered her prayer. It was in the city of Mumbai where she found a Precept class and was introduced to Precept Inductive Bible Studies.

She found God through His Word. She told us, “I prayed, ‘Lord, I am 41 years old and I want to study the Bible intently over the next few years and now I can!’”

Praise God for our Precept Director Suresh Thomas who who is dedicating his life to Precept and helping people discover Truth for themselves. Over the last 3 years Suresh has raised up 18 Area Coordinators who work in 14 different states throughout India teaching the Inductive Bible Study Method, and raising up new Bible study leaders. There are currently 2,700 classes with over 33,500 students studying across India.

The people of India count it a great privilege to attend Precept Bible Study Training.
The people of India count it a great privilege to attend Precept Bible Study Training.

Many pastors attend their seminars and are excited when they learn to study God’s Word line upon line, precept upon precept. The hearts and lives of these precious people are forever grateful!


“I wasn’t able to go to a Bible college but you gave me an effective way and the tools I needed to study the Bible. I plan to use this method in my church.”—Pastor Thomas

“For many years I asked God to examine my life and help me understand how to read His Word. Precept Ministries has given me a step-by-step method to do that. I thank God that He heard my prayer and brought you here to show me this simple method of reading and understanding the Bible. The inductive method has made a great impact on my life. I can now be bold in everything I do”. —K

Through the gifts of generous givers like you, Precept is able to teach precious people in India how to study God’s Word and lives are being radically changed for the better!