Can We Reach the Next Generation?

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Do you wonder why so many Millennials have closed the door on church involvement? According to the Barna Group, “among even those who grow up in church, nearly six in ten drop out at some point.”

These are startling numbers and should give us grave concern because according to the U.S. Census Bureau, Millennials, those born between 1982 and 2000, now overtake Baby Boomers as America’s largest generation. There are 83.1 million Millennials and 75.4 million Baby Boomers.

These numbers are alarming and the effect this generation will have on our world will be great. Consider these findings:

  • 44% of Millennials say that marriage is becoming obsolete, compared to 35% of Boomers [Pew Research]
  • Millennials (14%) are half as likely as Elders (29%) (born between 1927-1945) to believe the Bible is the actual word of God. [Barna Group]
  • Millennials will be 40% of the electorate by 2020. [The Center for American Progress]
  • Today, 73% of Millennials say gays and lesbians should be allowed to marry legally, while just 24% say they should not.[Pew Research]

In a world where for millions being politically correct appears to be more important than being biblically correct, every believer should pray for our world and this generation.

Millennials have been called the “Me” generation, narcissists, fame obsessed, lazy, materialistic, and technology addicts. Do all millennials fall into these descriptions? Of course not!

There are hardworking, selfless, generous, loving, and kind young adults who are passionately seeking and serving the Lord. How do they stand when some many of their peers disagree with what they stand for and how they’re choosing to live?

They are standing on what they know to be true. They are standing on the truth they have studied and they’re unabashedly teaching and proclaiming the Gospel to their family and friends. How are they doing this? They study the Bible and they’re walking out what they have learned. They’ve learned to study the Bible inductively.

God is using Precept Ministries International and Transform Student Ministries to impact the lives of countless students here and around the world.

Transform™ Student Ministries is an arm of Precept Ministries International, a non-denominational organization with one mission: to establish people in God’s Word. Precept Ministries started as a student ministry in the 1970s, teaching the unadulterated truth of the Bible through the Inductive Study Method. Since then, it has crossed oceans and borders into over 180 countries and into 70 languages around the world.

Precept has continued to minister to students of all ages. One of the many ways that Transform™ Student Ministries impacts young adults is through the summer long ENGAGE Internship, eight-day EQUIP Boot Camps and weekend ENCOUNTER Student conferences.

Megan describes how the Lord used the ENGAGE Internship to impact her life:

“The ENGAGE Internship was the most valuable life investment I’ve ever made. Being able to be in trainings every day on how to study the Bible was priceless. The most impactful part of the internship for me was learning that transformation in one’s life is only possible by the working of the Holy Spirit. Learning how to Study God’s word, live in community, and teach and disciple others allowed me to see what it looks like to position myself and others in a posture for the Lord to work. This summer and my fellow interns will forever hold a special place in my heart!” –Megan Baden, Canton, GA

Over the years thousands of students have been changed through hearing and studying of God’s Word through Transform Student Ministries. If you’re a parent how you can reach your children? Deb Stemen shares her heart about the importance of her children learning to study the Bible at EQUIP Boot Camp.

“It is so important our children know the truth of God’s Word. This is the only camp that I know of that truly does that and does it well. It has been a life changing experience with the Lord for each of my children. They come home excited about the Word and they are the most alive I have ever seen them. Hopefully my youngest will be able to go next year. He is already preparing and planning what to study this year so that he is ready to go next year. Anything that excites my children to walk in the Word and closer to the Lord is money well spent!” – Deb Stemen, Gahanna, OH

It’s hard to imagine anything better than seeing children and young adults excited about learning to study God’s Word.

Can we reach the next generation? Absolutely! We must not let our culture shape and define them. Help make a difference in a world that desperately needs truth.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

Help Make an Eternal Impact

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