Making an Impact in Your Neighborhood

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Looking for a way to reach your corner of the world for the kingdom of Christ?

Well, here is one. What about hosting a Backyard Bible Club this summer? A Back-Yard Bible Club gives you the opportunity to impact your little corner of the world in the name of Jesus by engaging the kids in your neighborhood, and showing the love of Jesus to their parents. The impact you will make may not be fully realized until heaven.

What is a Backyard Bible Club?

A Backyard Bible Club is like a Vacation Bible School or a summer Bible study for kids in your own neighborhood. A lot of children can’t or won’t come to a church building for an event. This is your opportunity to bring the church to them!

How Do I Get Started?

Pray. You need to know in your heart that this idea is of the Lord and that it is He that has called you to this ministry effort.

Put together a team. Ask God to raise up others to come along side you. This sort of effort is too much for one person. You might ask:

  • • Your Sunday School class
  • • Precept Bible Study class
  • • Neighbors
  • • Friends
  • • Family
  • • Youth minister

Choose a meeting place.  A Backyard Bible Club can meet almost anywhere. They can meet in your own backyard, a local neighborhood park, the recreation room in your apartment complex, or anywhere you have room and the noise of children learning is not going to create a problem. For our Discover 4 Yourself® studies the kids will need a way to work in the workbook so tables or benches would be great.

Choose your meeting schedule.  You may want to meet once a week for the entire summer or you may decide to meet once a day for 6 days. Both options have their advantages. To use the Discover 4 Yourself® series effectively you will need a 2-3-hour block of time for each club meeting.

Choose a study.  Our Discover 4 Yourself® series includes twenty Inductive Bible Study books for (8-12-year-old children) with fun story lines and activities that get them digging right into the Word of God itself to discover the truth of what it says.  If you’re new to Discover 4 Yourself® studies, we suggest beginning with Wrong Way, Jonah!

A Teacher’s Guide is available to help you clearly, carefully, and sensitively lead the children through this Inductive Bible Study, helping them come to a greater understanding of God and learn practical ways to live out what they’re learning.

The Discover 4 Yourself® children’s studies are being used around the world and God is using these powerful Bible studies to impact the lives of countless children.

Prayerfully consider if God would have you start a Back-Yard Bible club in your neighborhood. Be a part of making a significant difference in the lives of the next generation.

Want to learn more about the Discover 4 Yourself® Bible Studies for Kids?

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