What are you doing this Summer?

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For many, summer can be much more relaxed than the rest of the year. Does it make you smile just thinking about it? There are so many things to do, but what about your Bible study? What are you going to do?

Many Precept Upon Precept® Bible study classes follow the school year and take a break during the summer. With kids out of school, vacations coming up, and long weekends in the mountains or at the beach you may need a short break. But you don’t want to take a vacation from Bible study, you may desire something a bit different than what you have been doing throughout the fall and winter.

Here are some suggestions for Inductive Bible study this summer:

40-Minute Bible Studies
All of these studies are 6 weeks long.

• None of them require any homework
• They are easy to lead
• They are all Word centered, or you might say text driven
• Here are just some of the powerful studies to consider:

“Discovering What the Future Holds”
“The Power of Knowing God”
“Understanding Spiritual Gifts”
“Money and Possessions the Quest for Contentment”


New Inductive Study Series
These are almost all 13 weeks long, and they may take you a little past the Summer. But, many of them cover more than one book so you could study one book without feeling like you’re obligated to finish 13 weeks of study.

Here are just a few suggestions:

“Discovering the God of Second Chances” –Joel, Obadiah, Amos, and Jonah
“God’s Love Alive in You” –1, 2, 3 John, Philemon, James
“God’s Answers for Today’s Problems” –Proverbs


Lord Series
These are devotional type studies, with a little bit of homework each day. And they are great for a relaxed summer schedule.

“Lord, I Want to Know You” is a study on the names of God in the Old Testament. If you have never done this one it would be a great summer study. It’s eye opening to see how God reveals Himself through His names in the Hebrew Scriptures.


Precept Upon Precept® Studies
Here are some Precept Upon Precept® studies that are perfect for the summer break:

“Kinsman Redeemer” –Ruth, 3 weeks
“A Man and A Woman for Such A Time As This” –Esther, 4 weeks
“Rebuilding the Temple” –Ezra and Haggai, 4 Weeks


Personal Study

Have you considered doing your own personal study of a book of Scripture? Consider studying Psalms as your daily devotional. This would be a great summer study. Or you might study Proverbs and watch for repeated themes. If you don’t think you can do that on your own we recommend, “Praising God Through Praise and Worship” in the New Inductive Study Series.


Wrapping it up

Don’t let summer keep you from studying the Word for yourself.  May the Lord bless you as you dig deep into His Word.

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