Impact the Next Generation in 3 Questions

Aug 10, 2017

A 2015 study by Microsoft revealed the human attention span currently lasts a mere eight seconds — down from 12 seconds in the year 2000. Meanwhile, the attention span of a goldfish is nine! Researchers believe this downward trend is directly linked to our increased connection to smartphones and digital addiction — which doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.


Do you ever feel like you hardly recognize our world anymore? Americans who lived through the Great Depression knew what it felt like to sacrifice, live frugally, and appreciate even the simplest luxuries. While their circumstances often forced them to “go without,” these individuals were called “The Greatest Generation” for their character, patriotism and work ethic — values which seem rarer to find. The good news is no matter how the trends turn, we can take hope in knowing their values haven’t disappeared — they just need to be shared. Here are three questions to ask yourself:


  1. What values do I want to pass along?

What makes your heart beat? Are there any important experiences or life lessons you’ve never shared with those you love? You can help build a framework for what really matters simply by sharing the passions and beliefs you hold most dear.

  1. How can I best share my values?

Communicating your values doesn’t have to feel intimidating. It can be as simple as candid conversation over a cup of coffee, or writing a letter. Many Christians are choosing to create or update their Will so it aligns with their values — taking care of loved ones first and then including a gift to support a ministry they care about like Precept Ministries International. This is a creative way to share values and change lives.

  1. What do I need to remember in order to experience rest?

As we face changing times or diminishing security, it’s important to remember our ultimate allegiance is to another Kingdom — an everlasting one. “You, O LORD, rule forever; Your throne is from generation to generation.” (Lamentations 5:19)


Trends don’t have the final word. You can positively impact the next generation simply by sharing from your heart.


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