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“I can’t imagine my life without leading Bible Studies!”

Many today are living with disappointment, heartache, and intense pain. God’s Word says, “The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly (John 10:10). There is victory through knowing God and His Word. Read how Linda went from painful, selfish life to a selfless one now committed to God and His Word.

“One of the first words out of a baby’s mouth can often be, ‘Me!’ As humorous as it sounds, this describes the first 42 years of my life. I lived for what made me happy. I never worried about hurting others. I was making many wrong choices and leaving God out of my decisions. Unfortunately, because of my behavior, I lived through painful divorces and lots of heart-wrenching years. Nothing seemed to fill the void in my life. But despite my rebellious life, God was still doing His work and drawing me to Himself. Praise God for my parents who never gave up and were always praying for me.

“I’ll never forget the day I was at work and I was heartbroken and burdened over my life. I realized I had to give up living life my way. I pulled my UPS package truck over to the side of the road. I went to the back of the truck, fell to my knees, and asked for God’s forgiveness. I finally surrendered my life to Christ. God then gave me an unquenchable hunger for His Word.

Linda and Bob Cathy
Linda and Bob Cathy

“Two years later someone invited me to my first Precept Upon Precept® Bible Study on the book of James. That’s when I fell in love with studying God’s Word. I couldn’t get enough. I continued doing the ladies Precept™ studies, but my hunger to learn more grew even deeper. My husband had seen the change in me and we both decided to attend our first Precept Training Workshop held at Precept’s campus in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Bob was already a believer, but going to the workshop radically changed his life. It was the beginning of new adventure for both of us.

“God began to burn within me a passion to help equip others in God’s Word. As I watched the youth in our church and community, my heart would break knowing the direction they were going with their lives, because that’s how I lived. The world was teaching them one thing about sex, but God’s Word teaches just the opposite. God knew my heart and He began opening many doors for me to go and teach the precepts from Kay Arthur’s book, The Truth About Sex. I have traveled many places around the world and in the USA teaching from this wonderful resource. Your heart would break if you could hear what I hear and what is happening to our youth.

“We’re living in critical days. We must do what we can to teach Truth to our children, teens and adults. A sex-crazed media and culture are winning over our youth and the only way to combat these evil influences is through the sharing of God’s Word. God will do the rest. I know this changes lives, I’ve seen it happen countless times.

“I also go to our local jail and teach 40-Minute Bible Studies. I’ve seen God’s Word touch and change even the hardest of hearts. It’s not always been easy, but well worth it. I’ve seen women give their lives to Christ. I have watched, and waited to see what they would do, and they’re still walking with Him today. One night the Sheriff told me, ‘Whatever you’re doing with the girls keep it up! I can see a change in them.’ All I was doing was showing them how to discover truth for themselves through Inductive Bible Study.

“Today my husband, Bob, teaches a dynamic men’s class in our church. It’s wonderful to see these men get excited about studying God’s Word. While he’s teaching the men, I teach the teenage girls. Every Sunday morning I have a group of teenage girls, whom I LOVE DEARLY, and we just finished The Power of Knowing God.

Linda Cathy with Bok Soon, Precept South Korean National Director
Linda Cathy with Bok Soon, Precept South Korean National Director

“It’s also been our privilege to go on the Precept Israel Tour. The investment to take this tour is well worth the cost. You truly will never read and study the Bible the same after visiting the Holy Land. Plus, I’ve traveled to Romania, Singapore, Philippines, South Korea and seen how Precept is establishing people in God’s Word around the world. It’s remarkable!

Teaching and leading others in Bible study is a tremendous blessing and it has brought me great joy! But even more importantly, I’ve helped to impact the lives of children, teens, prison inmates, ladies, couples and those in retirement. Learning to study the Bible inductively is for everyone!

“Bob and I are happy to be part of the E-Team. We are overjoyed to faithfully pray and financially support Precept as we witness the impact of Precept Ministries. You can invest in the stock market, but you will have no better return for God’s money than investing in Precept Ministries International®. I can’t wait to see the results of our investment in teaching God’s Word when I see Him face to face.”

“I encourage everyone to get into a Bible Study group. It will make a profound difference in your life!”

—Linda Cathy

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