3 Secrets to a Deeper Life

Dec 15, 2017

Most people believe Mount Everest to be the tallest mountain in the world — and with good reason — it stands 29,029 feet high! But the title of the tallest mountain actually belongs to the lesser known Mauna Kea, an impressive 33,000 foot dormant volcano on the island of Hawaii. The secret to Mauna Kea’s staggering height actually lies out of sight. Like an iceberg, more than half the mountain resides below water.


Mauna Kea is a beautiful reminder that what’s under the surface matters — it’s also a picture of how God sees us. According to 1 Samuel 16:7 “…People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” God wants us to see others as He does and choose to look below the surface of our own hearts too. Self-examination can greatly impact our:


  • Personal growth. It’s easy to project a certain image, but true transformation and change happens when we allow God to work on the tough, hidden stuff deep inside.
  • Did something a friend said invoke a much larger reaction from you than it should have? It’s easy to blame others, but these “flare ups” often indicate something deeper — a need for healing in our hearts first.
  • Do you find yourself spread too thin from always saying “yes?” While it’s good to be accessible and committed, it’s important to ask ourselves why we’re saying yes, and consider where we should be giving our time or energy instead.


Another place to look beyond the obvious is our charitable giving. While it may seem like cash is the simplest way to give to ministries you care about like Precept Ministries International, it’s not always the most beneficial. For instance, donating appreciated stock instead of cash provides many surprising benefits including:


  1. Tax deductions – up to 30 percent of your adjusted gross income
  2. Avoidance of capital-gains taxes on the increase in value over time
  3. The gift of extra time and simplicity when you donate through a donor-advised fund


Honest self-examination is vulnerable, hard work — but it gives God room to strengthen and deepen our lives and relationships.

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