“Once a violent prisoner…”

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On our 30th wedding anniversary, my wife, Margaret, and I did something we never dreamed of: we visited a Romanian prison with the distinct purpose of sharing Christ with those behind bars.

Honestly, it was an experience unlike any other in my nearly 25 years of ministry.

David Arthur stands next to the sign leading visitors to the Romanian Precept Bible Study Center his father built. It was started in 1991 and finished in 1999.

I met one man, Peter, a once violent criminal who came to know Christ in prison and is now using Precept Bible Study materials to teach other prisoners.

Later that day, we led several dozen prisoners through the Precept 40-Minute study, How to Make Choices You Won’t Regret. Their response left me speechless. Many of the participants stood to receive Jesus as Peter led them on the path to a new life in Christ.

Afterwards, these men sang an anniversary song to me and my bride of three decades.

Though this prison visit was probably the highlight of our travels, there were so many other special moments that stand out as a tribute to God’s faithfulness . . .

  • Hearing from a young teen who visits and disciples the elderly in nursing homes—and recently led a 90-year-old man to Christ.
  • Visiting a group of teenagers who are becoming Bible study leaders—and hearing that every single individual had led someone to Christ.
  • Watching leaders being trained to integrate Bible study into English classes. Then hearing from students who came to know Christ in these English classes and who were now using this platform to establish others in God’s Word.

These trips can be exhausting. But I felt energized afterwards, just knowing that we have amazingly dedicated Bible study leaders who are establishing people in God’s Word around the world.

God uses the prayers and generous financial support of people like YOU to accomplish this amazing work. Will you partner with us to introduce even more people, like Peter and so many others that I met on my trip, to Jesus as we teach them how to study the Bible inductively?


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David Arthur understood the importance of Inductive Bible Study at a young age under the spiritual leadership of his parents, Jack and Kay Arthur. David shares his parent’s passion of establishing people in God’s Word. Over the years David has been mentored by his parents’ teaching and shares their view of the Bible.

Prior to his role at Precept, David worked in the business world with IBM and small businesses. Starting in 1999 David worked several years as a pastor in both the Presbyterian Church of America and the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. Just before coming to Precept, he was Vice President with Generous Giving, working with givers and pastors. David holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management from Covenant College and a Masters of Arts in Theological Studies from Reformed Theological Seminary.