“I run in the path of your commands,
for you have set my heart free!”
Psalm 119:32

Dear Friend,

I chose the Bible verse from Psalms because it holds special meaning for me. In fact, it’s my life verse—and I’d like to tell you the story behind it.

Being raised in the Arthur family was an incredible blessing. My parents mentored me in the ways of the Lord, modeling for me consistently throughout my childhood. I can honestly say I never witnessed my parents fighting. Dad read Scriptures to me every morning during breakfast and Mom would close out my evenings reading Christian biographies to me.

Growing up on the campus of Precept Ministries I was surrounded by godly examples. And yet my eyes were veiled to the saving message of the Gospel.

There was never pressure from my parents to make a personal profession of faith. Mom and Dad clearly believed that salvation is of the Lord and that His Gospel will always reach the targeted soul. My soul was targeted. And the arrow struck when I was 14.

Al Whittinghill, at the time a teaching staff member at Precept, was teaching at Precept’s Boot Camp about heaven and hell. Honestly, that is all I can remember about that camp’s teaching. What lifted the veil from my eyes was not a scary message of going to hell— but watching Al pray.

He is actually talking to God! I thought. And in that instant, I knew I did not know God personally. That evening my faith became real. Praying with my parents, the Lord took the burden of sin off my back and set me free!

I was free! And immediately began running around the quarter-mile circle on the property. Running with a free heart!

Later when I found my life verse in the Psalms, I had a description for my conversion. Today I am running in His path—not walking, drifting—but running with intentionality! With purpose!

Boot Camp served as a catalyst for my spiritual growth, just as it does in many students’ lives today. Year after year, we see hearts set free to run in the paths of His commands.

Young people today face unprecedented pressure from our society and culture to turn away from biblical truth. That’s why EQUIP Boot Camp exists “—to help students know God and be transformed by the study of His Word . . . .”

In the words of one grateful parent:

“The hearts of all involved were so obviously driven by God’s love for our kids, seeing Him glorified, furthering His Kingdom through the next generation. I am so thankful there is still a camp out there with the integrity and holiness experienced at Precept’s Boot Camp. Our son hasn’t stopped talking about the things he learned!”



I know you share my concern for the way our culture is turning increasingly—and alarmingly—away from Christian beliefs. And our young people are most vulnerable of all.

If we care about the next generation and the society they will grow up in, we have to set our young people on the path of righteousness—and root them in God’s truth to become the biblical leaders of tomorrow.

Your gift today will help teach and equip young men and women to build a foundation established in God’s Word and stand strong in the face of our culture’s growing disregard for godly values.

Your investment in this next generation of believers will pay off greatly for the work of the Kingdom. Please consider a generous gift to this important work today.

Every year, Mom and I teach at EQUIP Boot Camp. This year we will study Covenant! We love spending our lives together with teenagers who are serious about their relationship with the Word and the Lord of the Word. In addition to spending several hours a day studying and discussing Scripture, we worship together and have a blast playing games.

I can personally assure you that every dollar you give today will be spent with efficiency and purpose to establish young men and women in God’s Word.

Please give generously as God leads you today!


For Christ and His incomparable Kingdom,

David Arthur
CEO and President



Please make an investment in building up the next generation of biblical leaders through programs like Precept’s Boot Camps. Your gift enables students to grow into godly men and women at a time when our world needs God’s influence the most.
If you know a high school student that you would like to encourage to apply for EQUIP Boot Camp, you can find the details here.