When Shirley Penick was introduced to Precept Ministries in the early 1990s, she immediately fell in love with inductive Bible study and eagerly spent hours working on her Precept Upon Precept® homework each week.  When she mentioned to her husband, Ray, the idea of him learning the inductive Bible study method and starting to study with her, he balked.

“I was busy running an oil company and working 60-80 hours a week.  I was watching her spend hours doing Bible study every day. Thirty minutes would have been about all I could manage,” Ray remembers.

Many years passed as Shirley continued to study, and Ray continued to dismiss inductive Bible study as something he wasn’t interested in and didn’t have time for. One day, Shirley bought a copy of Lord, Teach Me to Study the Bible in 28 Days. She put it on his bedside table with the stack of outdoor magazines Ray liked to read at night.  Night after night he would move the book aside to get to the magazine he wanted.

Then, in 2006, Ray lost his job.  Everything he had been working toward was in doubt. The uncertainty of his future caused him to cling to God more closely.  He picked up the book, still sitting on his bedside table.

“In four days I devoured that 28-day study,” he recalls. “I’m a visual learner, and I was just amazed at the way the Word of God came to life as I marked the text.  The process slowed me down and forced me to go through the chapters multiple times.”

After completing the New Inductive Study Series® book on Revelation, Ray wanted to go deeper in his study. He says, “I was hooked.”

Ray started looking for a Precept Bible study for men but couldn’t find one. He found out there was a leader training coming to his area, so he signed up and soon after completing the training he began leading a class that was open to men as well as women.  That first class had over 35 students and continued to thrive for over five years.

“I do all my marking directly in my New Inductive Study Bible so I have it with me on Sundays or wherever I am when I need to recall what I studied,” Ray continues. “It’s always so encouraging to turn to a chapter in my Bible, see the symbols and notes, and recall what I’ve learned through inductive study over these years.”

Precept’s giving partners help provide the resources to develop a variety of study materials that fit each person’s needs and to provide leader training, so more people can know God better through inductive Bible study.  Their donations also help translate Lord, Teach Me to Study in 28 Days into multiple languages so people like Ray around the world can be introduced to this life-changing study method.

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