The youth pastor at a Korean church in Houston, Texas was discouraged. He noticed a lack of interest in the Word of God among the students in his youth group.

“There was no life as they opened the Book of Life, “he said. “The students found it boring to read about the creation of the world or what it means to be a disciple.”

Then his wife remembered an inductive study the two of them had done together back in her Bible school years that had brought Scripture to life for them. They realized that their students had never actually engaged with the Word of God for themselves.  Rather, they had been sitting in Bible studies listening to teachers and pastors tell them what to read and believe.  Together, they decided they wanted to help their students learn to study the Bible inductively, and they turned to Precept for help.

The result was a three-day retreat held outside of Houston at Camp Cho-yeh.  Precept’s Student Ministry staff led the group through the study Being A Disciple: Counting the Real Cost, which is part of Precept’s 40-Minute Series. The retreat had some unexpected results as it shook the students out of their comfort zones and confronted them with truth from God’s Word.

“This retreat has spurred confusion and questions regarding our students’ faith.  They have had their core understanding of Scripture and the Christian life challenged and many of them did not like it.  They have come to the realization that when Jesus calls disciples, He does not just ask us to be nice to people and help when we feel like it.  He calls us to die to everything else that we hold on to.”

When we see truth for ourselves, we are challenged to grow, and that growth is often painful and hard. The youth leader says, “I see students thinking, wrestling, and realizing that they are not going to like some of the things God says.  It has also challenged our teachers to be more attentive to the words written in Scripture and to ask better questions about what Jesus says.”

He hopes to see a deepening love for the Word of God as his students and teachers continue to be challenged to take up their crosses and follow Jesus and not be content to remain in their comfort zones. The result will be more mature believers among his youth who have a genuine walk with Christ, not just kids who show up to church and go through the motions of being “religious.”

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