Did you know that Cambodia has earned the title as the most corrupt country in Southeast Asia? Yet Precept team members recently visited this ancient country to teach people to study the Bible and were encouraged by what God is doing there.

In what is now a primarily Buddhist nation, our team found the Cambodian people to be peaceful and open to spiritual discussions. The country’s newfound freedom has provided a gateway to an opportunity to spread the Gospel to its people.  Many churches are being planted and it is critical to prepare new pastors to shepherd their young flocks.  They are eager and open to learning how to share God’s Word.

Pastor Sorn Phanna Timothy has been working with Precept Ministries for over five years.  He ministers to university students and has planted a church near the capital, Phnom Penh. He knows Precept Bible studies are valuable tools to prepare young men and women to stay strong in their faith and to share God’s Word with others.

Precept recently held a training workshop in Cambodia where Precept team members Mia, Costel, and Vasile taught the Precept Bible study method using the book of Titus.  Through this study, attendees were taught the value of sound doctrine and the importance of discipling others.  During the workshop, attendees were divided into groups and given the opportunity to take turns leading so they will be better prepared to start Bible study groups of their own.

During a break in the workshop, the Precept team went to lunch and ended up recruiting their driver, a Buddhist, to join the workshop! He jumped right in and participated in every aspect of the workshop: reading, marking the text, and discussion.

Afterward, he said, “This is the first time I opened a Bible and found it truly interesting because of the way you have taught me to study it.  I would like to find out more about what the Bible says.”

The Precept team also had the opportunity to meet with Pastor Samnan, president of the Evangelical Alliance of Cambodia (EAC). He said that there are over 4,000 churches in the country with over 200,000 Christians, and half of them are part of the EAC.  He was thrilled with the Precept resource How to Study the Bible and taught part of it in his seminary.  He worked with the Precept team to create a strategy to use other Precept materials as well to train people to study the Bible using training institutes, sports camps, Bible study groups, and church planting.

Our team went from Cambodia to Laos where they provided a two-week training institute for pastors and church planters using the Precept study on the book of John (Part 1).  The Christian church is growing rapidly in Laos, and our team was encouraged by how eager these pastors were to learn the Precept Bible study method and be better equipped to shepherd their flocks.  They were excited to get back and teach other pastors as well.

Laos is a communist country with no officially recognized religion, but many of its inhabitants are Buddhist. One of the Precept team members met with several of the people who are deeply devoted to observing the Buddhist religious practices.  When he asked them why they do these rituals and how they are connected to their beliefs, most of them had no answer.  Like too many religious people, they do not know why they believe what they do.  This is why teaching them how to study the Bible so they can discover the real Truth is so important!

There are so many opportunities in Cambodia and Laos for people to know God by learning how to study His Word, and Precept is excited to join in the work that God is doing to bring about revival in these countries.

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