You’ve attended leader training, you have the study picked out and you’re ready to go with colored pencils and a positive attitude. Now what? If this is your first time leading a Bible study or not, here are six things you can do today to get ready for your upcoming Bible study:

1. Begin praying for your class.

It is so simple, yet, so critical to the success of your group. Praying for your group will help you get in the right mindset. Pray that God will use your group to help each member grow, that you will be able to discover truth together, and that all of the glory will go to Him. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your discussions and to speak through you. Get in the habit of praying for each other. Prayer is such a powerful tool, don’t forget to use it!

2. List your class on our website.

It’s quick, it’s easy and it helps people in your area find your group. Listing your class ahead of time will give people in your area time to find your class and prepare ahead of time. List your class now.

3. Download the leader guides.

Did you know that we have leader guides available for every Precept Upon Precept and In & Out study? Not only do we have them, we encourage you to use them to lead relevant discussions in your group. Click to download the guide you need. 

4. Offer an orientation.

Starting a Bible study can feel intimidating. If you have members in your group who are new to the Inductive Bible Study Method or some folks who could use a refresher, offer an orientation the first week. Introduce them to Inductive Bible Study before they get started with homework. This can help your group feel confident about getting into the Word.

5. Begin asking God to show you who in your class could be raised up as a leader.

Discipleship isn’t just a part of being a leader, it is the goal. Ask God to show you who in your group should train to lead their own study. Remember the importance of multiplication, we want to mobilize the body of Christ!

6. Follow Precept and Precept Training on social media.

Follow Precept and Precept Training on social media. We post #BibleStudyLeaderTips, events and resources you will need on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We want to help you be the best leader you can be, so follow us on your favorite platform, or on all three!