When God created Precept Ministries, He laid it on our hearts to bring children (as well as teens and adults) face-to-face with the truths of God’s Word. Not for children to just read stories about God and His Word, but for them to know God’s Word itself so they can have a personal, deepening relationship with Him.

Why? Because God says, “It is our life.” (Deut. 32:47) and Jesus said, “It is the bread by which we live.” (Matt. 4:4)

For several years, many have been asking and praying for an inductive study for children who cannot yet read and write. And now, we have an exciting addition that is allowing us to reach even more children!


Who Created It?

A study tailored to teach children the story of creation while incorporating basics of reading and writing. There is nothing like it on the market! It starts in Genesis 1 where God starts – laying the foundation for the rest of God’s Word.

The study is designed for students between 4-7 years old. We want to give you a copy so you can experience it for yourself and hold it in your hands. This study is so important for building the foundations of a child’s life.

who created it study

A study from The Barna Group tells us: “The first seven years [of life] constitute the period for laying the foundations of religion. This is the most important period in the whole of a person’s life in determining his later religious attitudes.”

The latest research tells us only 4% of the youngest generation being surveyed has a biblical worldview.

So what should we do?

  • Start by praying for the youth of this world. These children will never know life – eternal life – apart from Christ.
  • Help us reach them!

Children around the world are begging for a book of their own in their language. When you send us a gift of any amount, we will send you a copy of Who Created It? Give here.

created coloring book

This is an exciting opportunity for you to help make an impact on the next generation. If you don’t have a child, ask God who to give it to. He will show you. Maybe it can be a gift for a neighbor, a friend or a family member!

To receive your own copy, give a gift of any amount to support Precept Ministries International. We are so thankful to have incredible partners like you!