Isadora's family

Meet the Lopez family: Marco, Anna, and their daughter Isadora. Anna grew up in a family that had serious problems. Both parents were alcoholics and extremely poor. Anna ate scraps from the trash to survive. While still a young girl, Anna’s parents divorced and abandoned her. Then, when she was 18, she married Marco. She was rescued her from her physical poverty.

Eventually, Anna was rescued from her spiritual abandonment. After becoming a Christian, she learned about Precept. By using Precept studies Anna was able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, transforming her community. Not knowing where to begin, she met strangers in a nearby park. Much like Lydia in Acts 16, she led Bible studies next to the lake.  Her first study was Being a Disciple, Counting the Real Cost, a simple but powerful Precept study in our 40-Minute series.

Their daughter, Isadora, did her first 40-Minute study at age eight and her path was set for ministry!

During this time, Isadora longed for her mother to be at home, so she could teach her the Bible. God answered her prayers in an unusual way – Anna contracted Lupus. This painful disease brought Anna home and she began to invest heavily in her daughter’s spiritual journey.

Today, Isadora teaches classes around her city to people of all ages.  A Bible study method for pre-readers (developed in Brazil) uses symbols glued to popsicle sticks to “mark” key words for preschool children.  Every time they hear one of the key words, they raise their popsicle sticks.  Even though they can’t read, they are learning to study God’s Word!

Our hearts melted as we watched these beautiful children, most of whom come from poverty, shouting out and raising their symbols when they heard the key word.

In addition to teaching children – Isadora also teaches the elderly at an Alzheimer’s unit using the very same method. George was one of her students.  George always forgot his watch, so when he asked Isadora if he could keep his symbol for God (a red triangle glued to a popsicle stick), she was concerned he would forget it. Not only did George bring it to class every time, he had it clutched to his chest when he passed away.

Every day God is using ordinary people to orchestrate His will all over the world.

Isadora is now the National Director of Precept Youth. She shared with us that the mayor where she lives loves Precept. Why? Because he has seen Precept studies drastically improve the lives of children, as well as their work in the classroom. This is significant because part of Isadora’s strategy is to reach families through their children. This strategy is drastically changing the lives of families in Brazil and reaping benefits that are an answer to prayer.

Isadora says, “Precept equips us to find God’s answer to all of our needs, in all of our conditions.”

Not only is Precept greatly impacting the youth of Brazil, but it is also spreading to the churches. There are 1,000 Presbyterian churches in Brazil who recognize Precept as the go to resource for discipleship. In Brazil, there are 35,000 people involved in Precept classes. Over the last year, they had 936 workshops. God is using Precept in innovative ways in Brazil, and we are so excited for what is happening and for what is yet to come.