YGAW Gabriela

We want to introduce you to Gabriela, a woman from Brazil who had been a prostitute for 18 years.

Her story is heartbreaking: Gabriela worked with her sisters in a brothel owned by her mother, which meant her mother was raising them to be prostitutes. She lived with her drug-dealer boyfriend in the brothel. It’s a life that many of us could never imagine. She described herself as “living in the world and serving the devil— fulfilling all the desires of the flesh.”

That all changed when she was invited to attend the Precept 40-Minute class Having a Real Relationship With God. Before the study was finished, she surrendered her life to Christ.

It wasn’t easy to leave her old life behind. It was all she had really known. At first, she felt weak, without direction and tempted to go back to her old ways. Precept Brazil Area Coordinator, Julia, encouraged her to continue allowing Christ to turn her life around. Gabriela did the 40-Minute study, How Do You Walk the Walk You Talk and says,

“It made me wake from the world of darkness and live as a daughter of the Light.”

But Gabriela didn’t stop there. She invited her entire family to come to class with her including her mother and her boyfriend. Soon, they were all transformed by the power of God’s Word. What an incredible transformation! But Gabriela’s transformational story still doesn’t stop there! David Arthur recently went to Brazil and was amazed to see Gabriela teaching youth! What an amazing journey God has brought her through.

Gabriela teaching

As Gabriela teaches, she also continues to work on her own walk with the Lord by attending another 40-Minute class on Living a Life of True Worship.