Kay Arthur is turning 85 years young on November 11th!

Every time Mom shares her age people are shocked at how young she seems! She jokingly says “Well it takes longer to paint the barn these days” referring to her makeup routine. This was a saying from my father as he teased Mom while waiting for her to exit the house.

Even I can hardly believe she is almost 85! Recently I traveled overseas with her for a few weeks and found myself (age 51) at times struggling a bit to keep up with her! Her passion and energy for people and the word is contagious. What a treasure to witness the same passion in people like you.

Can you believe Mom was just 37 when she and Dad founded Precept?

Recently the board and staff of Precept have updated our mission and vision statements.  Even though what we have used for the past 48 years has been good, we have improved it.  It was so encouraging to hear Mom passionately engage in the updating process. Her input was creative and helpful! Mom is not one who is stuck in the past just because it has worked for decades. She eagerly joined the team in shaping up these new statements:

Mission: To engage people in relationship with God through knowing His word.

Vision: Every believer in Christ living out God’s word every day.

These updates emphasize our goal for Bible study is a rich, vibrant and growing relationship with God.  Our Lord gave us 66 books to help us know Him intimately, and by careful study of these books we can grow closer to Him. Since our beginning in 1970 Precept has provided the training and resources necessary for effective Bible Study Leaders to engage students in God’s word and that will continue.

Our vision represents what we desire to see if our mission succeeds. Every believer means just that – children to adults. Americans and Africans, Pentecostals and Presbyterians, all consistently applying scriptural truths in their lives every single day. What a glorious vision!

Many of you have partnered faithfully with us over these years. What a blessing you have been to hundreds of thousands around the world – children, women and men being grounded in God’s word!

Soon after Mom and Dad started the ministry, they continued to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading by developing Bible studies designed for people to discover truth for themselves but not by themselves.  Celebrating Mom’s 85th birthday is even sweeter knowing that we have not deviated from the original mission!

So here is our proposal to you for celebrating this major birthday. Take a minute and jot her a note giving testimony of how Precept has helped you grow in relationship with God.

What she loves most are not gifts to her personally but gifts that expand the reach of Precept! I have witnessed her over the years turn down personal gifts but in the same breath suggest support for the ministry. Anytime she gets an honorarium for speaking somewhere she gives it directly to the ministry. Mom believes in our mission deeply! She too is a faithful giver to Precept and has personally given sacrificially from the very beginning.

Please consider a contribution to celebrate God’s faithfulness and extend the reach of the mission.

So let’s celebrate God’s goodness and grace to my beloved mother letting by her know how Precept has impacted us. Prayerfully give a gift that will help us reach people all over the world who are desperate to know God and live out His word every day.

David Arthur
President & CEO
Precept Ministries

PS: We hope you’re as excited as we are about the updated mission and vision statement. Stay tuned for more information on how these foundational statements will strengthen your ministry to others with God’s word!