Menecio was angry.  His wife left him for another man over 30 years ago, leaving him alone with their infant son.  But all of these years later, he was still angry. There were days when he cried out in anger to God, asking why this would happen to him.

God heard his pleas.  At a recent Precept training workshop in Peru, God confronted Menecio with truth, and Menecio was finally able to forgive his ex-wife and ask forgiveness from God for harboring his anger and resentment all those years.

God is transforming lives throughout Peru as Precept team members teach people how to study the Bible inductively. One of the primary ways they are doing this is through the ministry to the Quechua people.

About 16% of the population of Peru speaks Quechua, an indigenous language spoken in South America, primarily in the Andes. As more generations speak Spanish as their first language, older generations grow increasingly concerned that the language will be lost.  It’s also difficult to find written resources in Quechua.

Precept trainers in Peru are using those challenges as opportunities to reach more people with the truth of God’s Word. They are training people to use the inductive Bible study method with Bibles written in Quechua.  Members of the older generation are eager to understand God’s Word and love Precept’s inductive study method, but many of them are illiterate.  The Precept workshops give them the opportunity to enlist help from younger family members who are literate but tend to prefer speaking Spanish.  This partnership between the two generations helps the older people grow in their literacy and the younger grow in their use of the Quechua language.  Through this collaboration, both groups learn more about God directly through His Word!

Participants in recent Precept workshops openly wept as they read or heard the Word of God in their heart language. Like Menecio, studying God’s Word inductively prompted reconciliation with God and with others:

  • One pastor confessed that he had been angry with God about something and did not want to preach any more. He was convicted through the study at the Precept workshop and asked God to forgive him.
  • One youth leader who attended a training workshop explained that learning Precept’s study method has equipped him to be more effective in teaching the young people in his congregation. He currently has over 50 students who are learning to understand God’s Word as he shares inductive Bible study with them.
  • Another participant explained that she had always thought that studying the Bible was boring and too difficult. Now she says, “I understand that the Scriptures have a purpose, that nothing is written in vain. This method has improved my understanding of the Bible and strengthened my relationship with Christ.” She and her husband are now leading Precept studies and helping more people to experience that same spiritual growth.

Your giving has helped make the difference!

God continues to use the resources provided by faithful partners like you to transform ordinary people all over the world.  Your giving helps Precept continue training people in Peru to study the Bible inductively and to equip many of them to serve as missionaries and as leaders in their local churches, multiplying the impact that inductive Bible study will have on this country of more than 29 million people.  Thank you!