This letter was written by one of our 2018 EQUIP Boot Camp students, Chloe. Chloe went to her first Boot Camp in 2016. She reflects with us on the impact of people like you who give to Precept and support the ministry God is doing around the world.

I would just like to personally thank you for supporting Precept Ministries and their EQUIP Boot Camps. Boot Camp has been an amazing part of my walk with the Lord. While I was saved at a young age, I have seen close friends surrender their lives to Christ while at Boot Camp. It is so awesome to witness that monumental start to their new life.

Each year at camp I learn a new life-changing thing about my Savior. In 2016, while studying Ephesians, I was reminded that God chose me and that I am special to Him. While studying Genesis in 2017, I learned that God made me in His image and that I am now an ambassador for His kingdom. In 2018 we studied Covenant and I learned just how faithful God is in keeping His promises. Every aspect of God that I have been reminded of at Boot Camp has drastically changed my walk with the Lord and strengthened it. Boot Camp has also provided me with God-centered relationships that give me strength when I walk through a hard season of life.

Boot Camp has strengthened my confidence in leadership by showing me what the Bible has to say about leadership. I have been able to teach a weekly Precept class to elementary kids at my church. The Lord has even opened doors for me to organize a “boot camp” for 4th-6th grade students. I have now been able to see the Lord change the lives of children around me – all because I was given inductive study tools at Precept.


You can give the gift of new life-changing truths to students like Chloe! Join us: