We often hear how God has uniquely gifted Precept™ Bible Study Leaders with a passion to carry out His work by sharing His love. God equips leaders of all sorts — including a Precept student who wrote to us from Cochabamba, Bolivia, to tell us how he evangelizes through theater and clown ministry. He shared how Precept Bible studies have changed his understanding of God’s truth, and how God has given him a vision to use his knowledge to start a discipleship movement in his region.

Meet Roberto

Roberto Ayllon attends the Church of God of Prophecy in Cochabamba where he does theater and clown evangelism. After a long search for an effective way to study the Bible, he accepted an invitation to a workshop that introduced him to the Precept Bible Study Method. What he learned has changed his life and his ministry forever.

“I thank God for allowing me to know Precept Ministries,” Roberto writes. “It has really been a blessing for my life. I was surprised at how I was able to find so many riches, wisdom and knowledge from the Bible. I had never had that experience before.”

Once Roberto discovered the truth for himself, it expanded his impact on those he was discipling and sharing the gospel with. “This way of studying the Bible has inspired me to search deeper in the Word of God, and then be able to prepare sermons with more detail and teach in a more in-depth way.”

Roberto continues to attend Bible studies weekly at his local Precept office so he can learn more and invest what he has learned in others. He understands that to be a good leader, he needs to continue growing in his own knowledge and understanding of God’s Word.

“I really want to be a good discipler like our brethren in Thessalonica. I thank God again for Precept, because it is teaching me to study the Bible in detail.”

Roberto believes the purpose God has placed on his life is to lead Bible studies and take part in ongoing discipleship. He has a vision that those he’s currently discipling will begin influencing others in the same way until they multiply to reach the entire region. He said, “I recommend others to get trained with Precept so God blesses them, too. I pray a discipleship movement will start. The people need to study the Bible in detail, so they have the concepts, precepts and commands from God to go and make disciples and preach the gospel.”

What about you?

Have you ever thought about how God uses your talents and gifts to multiply His kingdom? Your partnership with Precept Ministries allows leaders just like Roberto to have a deeper understanding of truth, multiplying their impact and, ultimately, the number of disciples they’re equipping to make even more disciples. You are so important to the ministry of Precept, and we are thankful for your partnership in this wonderful work God has given us to do together.