Many of you joined us for the Spring Women’s Conference in April, and we thank God for the work He did in you and through you for His Kingdom! The theme was “Voices: Whose Voice Are You Listening To?” and through prayer, Bible study, and teaching, we practiced tuning in to God’s voice and tuning out the rest of the world telling us who and what to be. Knowing His voice intimately makes it easy to tell when someone or something else is speaking into our lives and defining us.

Jodie Essex and Becky Lucarelli spoke at the Women’s Conference and are sharing their stories of learning to hear and follow God’s voice.


Becky Lucarelli – saying ‘no’ to shame and bitterness


I was privileged to grow up in a home that valued church and the Word of God, and I knew that I needed Jesus Christ to be saved. My mom taught me well, but I rarely read the Bible on my own and did not understand how to study it. Besides not really understanding the Bible, I was carrying an immense burden of hurt and unforgiveness from a hypocritical, abusive father that clouded my understanding of my loving, heavenly Father.

When I was 19, a friend told me about a job opening at Precept Ministries International. I was putting myself through school at night, and a daytime receptionist job sounded perfect. To my surprise, my Sovereign Father used that job to fulfill more needs than a paycheck could ever cover. Through Precept Ministries and inductive Bible study He confronted my heart, soul, and mind with the truth of the full gospel of grace. A 40-Minute study on Ephesians (How Do You Walk the Walk you Talk), showed me what identity in Jesus means. Later, I studied Lord, Heal My Hurts, and His Spirit lovingly went to war with the lies I had believed for so long concerning abuse and shame from my past. Studying Lord, I Want to Know You showed me the truth of God’s character and that He was worthy of my trust and would safely bear my ugly scars and heavy burdens. Trusting Him for healing, I was able to seek help releasing my bitterness and unforgiveness and began to pray for my enemies.

One step at a time, He renewed my mind with wisdom and healed my broken heart. Jesus Christ bore my shame and redeemed my past, replacing despair with hope and showing Himself to be the safe Fortress that would guard and rest my weary soul. After decades of continual Bible study and teaching, my faith has endured and grown in the light of His gospel of grace. The LORD is my rock and my deliverer in whom I take refuge!


Jodie Essex – safe in God’s hands


I grew up going to church, memorizing verses and attending various Bible studies. I had read through the Bible quite a few times, but I was hungry to really understand God’s Word. Precept was an answer to my prayer to God asking for a way to study and understand His Word. My first study was Romans Part 2. I gobbled it up like a favorite dessert and could not get enough.

In Romans Part 3, I studied the sovereignty of God. I already knew God that ruled over all, but this study caused me to think carefully how that applied to my life, and it was life-changing. I realized that whatever happened—or didn’t happen—in my life, God was still in charge.

His plans for me cannot be thwarted by a person or a circumstance. I can let go of my own expectations, desires, and plans and embrace His desires and plans for me.

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