Venezuela is in the midst of a nationwide crisis.

Patients crowd hospital hallways. Glass from broken windows scatters across store floors, and power outages darken entire states. Although Venezuela has faced growing unrest for the past decade, the controversial 2018 elections sparked an eruption of anger and protest, pushing the country into widespread upheaval.

The unstable political climate has led to skyrocketing inflation, leaving many Venezuelans unable to afford more than one meal a day. Conditions are so critical that many Venezuelans are fleeing the country in a mass exodus—one of the largest in South American history.

For two young Venezuelans, God’s Word has become a source of meaning, direction, and hope during this crisis. Even though they’re surrounded by widespread uncertainty, Pedro and Doriannys continue to lead and disciple others in their communities, furthering the reach of God’s truth and hope.


Pedro’s Story


No matter where we are on our faith journey, God uses Scripture to touch our hearts and make us more like Himself. Pedro accepted Christ as his Savior in 2013, and he currently serves in the youth ministry at his church. Earlier this year, his pastor invited him to attend a Precept™ Training Workshop.

Through the workshop, God convicted Pedro about the importance of discipleship. Pedro writes, “We studied 1 Thessalonians, and there I learned about the multiplication model for the church, and about my responsibility to become a disciple and a discipler.”

After he finished the training, Pedro began the 40-Minute study A Man’s Strategy for Conquering Temptation. In this study, Pedro reports, “God showed me how to abstain from sexual immorality so I can live a life holy and pleasing to Him. He also showed me that I must practice [sexual morality] constantly as a married man, that I have to treat my wife with holiness and honor.”

God used the Precept Bible Study Method to teach Pedro how to become a better husband, discipler, and leader. Although he is surrounded by political instability, Pedro has found guidance and confidence in Scripture.


Doriannys’s Story


Venezuelan believers of all ages are finding hope in God’s Word. Doriannys accepted Christ when she was 12 years old, and after several invitations from her pastor, she finally agreed to dive into Precept’s inductive method.

God spoke to her through the 40-Minute study How Do You Walk the Walk You Talk? on the book of Ephesians. “Sometimes, I thought about doing things according to my personal interest, without considering the guidance of the Holy Spirit,” she writes. “God, through this study, showed me that for me to have success in my life, I must submit to God’s will.”

Currently, Doriannys is working through the New Inductive Study Series on Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi, and the Lord has continued to speak to her. “I had to lead one lesson from Haggai and one lesson from Malachi, and it was an edifying experience for my life.”

Through studying Scripture, Doriannys has developed her leadership abilities and deepened her relationship with God. Even amid political, societal, and economic upheaval, Doriannys has found strength in God’s sovereignty.


Your Support Impacts Believers Around the World


Venezuelan Christians desperately need our prayers and support. Because of their country’s crisis, most Venezuelans are unable to pay for training workshops or Bible studies, so Precept leaders give away as much material as possible to reach people with the truth of God’s Word.

Your faithful support helps your brothers and sisters around the world find peace and truth—thank you for continuing to contribute to God’s global mission!