Stories from Giving Tuesday

In the days leading up to Giving Tuesday, we shared stories of Scripture transforming lives around the world. From Israel to India, God is at work—and you’re part of His kingdom mission. Below, we’ve gathered five stories of God’s Word impacting hearts across the globe!

Carol: A Community Gathered Around God’s Word

In Israel, Carol’s Bible study used to depend on one person teaching the rest of the group.

“The model that we were using [required that] I brought a lot of information. I would ask a lot of questions to get people engaged, but most of it was me imparting information.”

One day, a woman in the group suggested that they try the Precept™ study method—and everything changed.

Instead of feeling the pressure to teach, Carol was equipped to lead and guide her class. The group began to talk and discuss Scripture, bringing a new depth to the weekly study. Carol’s group has rapidly expanded across language groups and generations, and today, an 8-year-old child learns alongside a 50-year-old believer in the same class. She has watched her community come together over the study of God’s Word!

Shelly: From Loneliness to True Friendship

Shelly’s life was busy. A South African mother of five children and the wife of an entrepreneur, her days seemed nonstop. Then one day, everything changed—she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

As she endured the trauma of chemotherapy and a mastectomy, Shelly entered the darkest place of her life. She couldn’t think or remember clearly, and she started stuttering for the first time in years. But the worst part of the season was her isolation—in her pain, she called out to God, “Lord, I ask you for friends.”

God responded by bringing Shelly a friend who invited her to a Precept™ Bible study. As Shelly and the group worked through Lord, I Want to Know You, her spirit began to heal. Studying God’s Word with the group became a lifeline for Shelly, and it brought her out of isolation and pain to light and healing.

Gabriela: Bringing God’s Healing to Her City

Gabriela was raised in a brothel in Brazil, and she was still living there when she encountered God through a Precept Bible study.

When she began to truly know God through knowing His Word, Gabriela’s life transformed. She left the brothel, and was so excited about God’s Word, she began leading Precept studies with her friends and family. Today, Gabriela’s passion for Scripture and discipleship has led her to start children’s classes in her community.

Knowing God’s Word brought deep healing and restoration to her own life, and now she is bringing that same healing to her city—through her story, her entire community is being impacted for Christ!

Noa: A Love of God and His Word

Noa’s experience with Christian camps was a lot of fun activities, but not necessarily depth. Her perspective radically changed after she attended an EQUIP Boot Camp working through the book of Judges.

“What makes this camp really different is just the love for Jesus… We’re just all there and we’re learning about God, and it’s ok—we don’t have to be playing games, and we don’t have to be entertained. While those things are fun, the main purpose is to learn about God and what He says in Judges. That’s so different from most camps I’ve been to in the past.”

Young people around the world have a craving for depth and meaning. When Noa was exposed to intensive Bible study, she didn’t back down—she loved spending intentional time in the study of God’s Word with her peers!

Dr. George: Youth Engaged in Studying Scripture

In India, Dr. George has witnessed students get excited about God’s Word. Dr. George is a counselor and pastors three churches. He first discovered the Precept™ Bible Study Method through a friend, and he quickly began introducing it to his churches.

Today, people frequently ask him what makes the youth in his churches so active. Dr. George points to Precept studies. “You don’t have to run after [the youth]—pull them to Bible studies. Give them the [studies]. The [studies] will…make them learners by themselves.”


Because of you, more people have access to Scripture—thank you for partnering with us in His kingdom work!