India: Strength to Endure Any Trial

India is home to 1.2 billion people1—and of those people, nearly 1 billion follow Hinduism.

Indian Christians are a very small minority, and they face increasing social and political oppression. But God has not abandoned India. Every year, more and more people are turning to the one true God—and He is using Precept™ leaders and resources to bring more hearts into His kingdom.

In 2018, the Precept team in India launched the country’s first training Institute. Hundreds of church leaders have attended the three-year program, and more are coming every session. For Victor and Benjamin, the training they gained from the Institute did more than transform their ministries—it gave them the strength they needed to endure any trial.

Victor: God’s Name Is a Strong Tower

For the past 18 years, Victor has led a church in the Delhi area, with a strong emphasis on youth outreach. But he struggled to raise up leaders in his congregation—he began praying, asking God to show him a method or training that would help.

That’s when he found Precept.

In 2018, Victor attended the first Precept Training Institute in India. When he returned home to his congregation, he changed everything.

Victor distributed Precept resources to the members of his church, and he changed his sermons to follow the Precept Bible Study Method. Instead of listening to Victor preach, his congregation now discusses Scripture together every service!

“I’ve told my friends, pastors, everybody, because [Precept] changed my life.”

Soon after he introduced Precept to his church and disciples, Victor suffered an injury to his leg. He was bedridden, unable to leave his room. Profoundly discouraged, Victor sat in his bed and prayed—how could he continue his ministry if he could not leave his house?

As he prayed, Victor remembered something he learned at the Institute: God’s name is a strong tower, and the righteous shall run to it and be safe. Victor knew that God heard him and held him, and as he experienced a new sense of peace, he changed his prayer. If he could not go to the people, he asked God to bring the people to him.

Victor invited people to study with him in his bedroom. He continued to lead his existing small groups, and he even started new ones—and some of his groups attended the next training Institute to be trained as leaders!

Now, Victor translates for the Tamil-speaking students at the Institute, helping more people engage with God through His Word.

Benjamin: God’s Presence Is with Us

When Benjamin first encountered Precept, he was pastoring a small congregation in southern India. One day, a Precept leader visited his church—before the leader left, Benjamin’s entire congregation was trained in the Precept Bible Study Method.

Benjamin was amazed. Although he had attended Bible college for six years, when Benjamin used the Precept method, he felt like he had a deep understanding of God and the gospel for the first time.

“[Precept] studies are different than other biblical studies, because they are directly tied to our heart. We are directly hearing from God…we are sitting in the presence of God.”

Benjamin attended the training Institute, and during the session he learned how to hear God’s voice through Scripture. Equipped with a new-found love and knowledge of God’s Word, Benjamin felt God calling him to plant a second church back home.

But this was not a simple assignment. Benjamin and his new congregation quickly faced violent opposition from a Hindu fanatic group. One day, a mob broke onto the church’s property, grabbed Benjamin and other members, and beat them. After the attack, Benjamin cried out to God in despair and anger, “We are here to worship You, to proclaim You—why is this persecution happening?”

In his confusion and pain, Benjamin remembered a book he had studied at the training Institute, Being a Disciple: Counting the Real Cost. He opened the book, and he started to read. By the time he finished the second chapter, his discouragement was gone. He remembered that the presence of God was with him, and trials are often the testing and refining of our faith.

Benjamin returned to his church with boldness. Although they continue to face persecution, they are not giving up—through suffering, Benjamin says, “We are turning into His people.”


God is moving powerfully across India, and He is using Precept leaders, training, and resources to grow His eternal kingdom. This is only possible through the partnership of givers like you. God is doing incredible work throughout India—and you are a part of it. Thank you for faithfully supporting His mission!