Having grown up in Atlanta, Ashley Freer was close enough to get to Precept for conferences and Boot Camps as a teenager. So it isn’t a stretch when she says that she feels Precept-raised. At her mom’s suggestion, Ashley began working through Precept studies to better know the Bible and found the inductive study method was the tool that was transforming her personal study time. From the Covenant study to Sermon on the Mount in Matthew, Precept materials are her go-to recommendation for encouraging, challenging, life-altering books that support exploration of the Bible and biblical topics.

Ashley currently directs projects and leads client teams at a Texas advertising agency. She is a member of Christ Chapel Bible Church, where she served for nine years as a part-time assistant minister to women, focusing on ministry to working women.


  • Board member since 2018
  • Precept student and Bible study leader since 1990s
  • Boot Camp attendee (1990s)
  • Boot Camp counselor and teacher (2000s)


  • Nearly 20-year career in marketing and communications
  • Almost 10 years of board service in both ministry and community organizations


  • Master of Divinity (M.Div.), Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Bachelor of Arts, Lee University
  • Recognized as a 40 Under 40 honoree in her community
  • Award-winning communications professional