Learn to share God’s Word and make disciples at Precept Leader Training

How to become a Precept Bible Study Leader

  1. 1. Apply for Training
  2. 2. Register for an Event
  3. 3. Attend and Get Equipped to Lead

Why Apply?

Sharing God’s Word can be intimidating, and ‘making disciples’ can feel completely out of reach to many Christians. Others want to spread the gospel and impact their community but just don’t know where to start.

If that’s you, we can help.

After 50 years of sharing God’s truth through Bible study, we believe that small, relational, discussion-based groups are key to knowing God through His Word and impacting communities.

When you lead a Bible study, you become Christ’s hands and feet bringing the gospel to your friends and neighbors.

What is Precept Leader Training?

Precept Leader Training exists so that you are prepared to engage others in relationship with God through knowing His Word.

Our free, three-day training workshops are based on practical application of discussion leadership in a Precept Upon Precept® study. You will receive a copy of the study after registration, and you should complete all lessons before arriving at the workshop.

During Leader Training, you will:

  • Learn discussion leadership techniques using the Precept™ Bible Study Method
  • Practice leading your own discussion group
  • Receive a personal evaluation of your discussion leadership
  • Learn how to select a study that works for your group
  • Develop skills to disciple leaders within your group

God is at work in your community, and you can be a part of it. Learn how to confidently share God’s Word and make disciples at Precept Leader Training.


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