How to find a Bible Study Group near you
How to post your class information on the Precept website

Posting your class information on the Precept website makes the information available to others in your area who would like to be a part of a Precept class. To post your class information go to our Events Form and Create Your Own Event.

How to get new students in my class

About two months before your class begins, start to generate interest for your study. Determine the schedule for your class and begin to talk to those who you think would be interested. We encourage you to post your class on the Precept website, so that your information will be available for people in your area that are searching for a class to join.

The most important and effective way to draw students is prayer! Ask the Lord to bring the ones He desires to study with you. You can always start small with two or three people who want to study the Bible. Begin with them and trust the Lord to increase the number of students as He wills.

How do I locate the free Leader Guides?

Click the following link to access free leader guides and other valuable resources

How do I use the Leader Guides for the class I'm leading?

Here is the link for Tips for using Leader Guides:

Leader Guides are recommended to help you plan your discussions. It will give you a logical order to cover the material and will sometimes give questions you can ask. It will also give you a visual aid. It is not an answer key, but a tool to help you prepare for leading your class discussion. You can download Leader Guides from our Resource Library.

Selecting the right study for your group

To choose an appropriate course for your group to study, consider the doctrinal content and the appropriateness of the message and whether it meets the particular needs of your area, group, and time. Ask the Lord for direction as you seek to know book of the Bible or what topic will work best. And pray that God will bring together those who are to study this course with you.


New Precept Upon Precept groups with new leaders might begin with one of these:


Additional studies that are great for new groups:


How to support Precept and get involved

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