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Life-changing intimacy with God is the heart of Precept. Since 1970, we’ve been equipping small group Bible Study Leaders who can help you discover the truth of Scripture for yourself, but not by yourself.

Scripture guides you toward God. Precept guides you through Scripture.

We help lead and direct, but we know that the true changing power—personal relationship with God—comes not from following Precept, but from Scripture itself.

Equipping Leaders

To transform the world with God's Word, we recruit, equip, and resource Bible Study Leaders who take God’s life-changing Word to their communities.

Developing Resources

We author and publish Bible study resources that help individuals know God through His Word and be changed by the truth they discover.

Investing Globally

Through partnerships, translation efforts, and cross-cultural ministry, Precept provides international believers with the tools they need to study the Bible.


Our first 50 years

For the last half-century, Precept has been training leaders, creating resources, and developing a Bible study method to help people grow in their relationship with God.

Reach Out Ranch | Kay and Jack Arthur in 1970 on their chicken ranch in Tennessee Valley

1970 — Reach Out Ranch

After building a local Bible study ministry from their home, Kay and Jack Arthur purchase a 32-acre chicken farm in the Tennessee Valley, and the ministry of Reach Out is born.

Kay Arthur introduces first Precept Upon Precept series of Romans in 1975

1975 — Multiplying Leaders

Kay writes the first Precept Upon Precept® course—Romans—to equip women in Atlanta to study when she could not be with them. At Reach Out, high school students attend the first summer Boot Camp.

Kay Arthur on her weekly television series in 1982

1982 — Media Ministry

Kay publishes her first book, How Can I Live?, and begins a weekly television program by the same name. Reach Out is renamed Precept Ministries.

Precept’s International Ministry training center

1999 — International Impact

Precept begins a weekly, half-hour television and radio program called "Precepts for Life." Mia and Costel Oglice launch the first international training Institute, and Precept's Eurasian Training Center is built in Romania.

Precept’s graduating class of 2015 after completing hours of workshops, courses, and study groups

2015 — Expanding Ministry

Through Institutes, workshops, camps, and study groups, Precept is reaching people across six continents with resources in more than 80 languages.

Bible Study Leaders learning the Precept Bible Study Method in order to lead groups in learning God’s word inductively

2019 — Bible Study Leaders

With six study series covering every book of the Bible, Precept refocuses on the Bible Study Leader as the key to growth. Worldwide, 58,000 Leaders are trained this year.

Here’s to the next 50 years.

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

Psalm 119:105

Our mission is to engage people in relationship with God through knowing His Word.

Bible Study Leaders are trained and equipped to lead small, discussion-based groups. Leaders ask questions to guide their group through God's Word, allowing each person to discover God's truth for themselves, but not by themselves.

Belief Propels Our Mission

Our statement of faith summarizes biblical truth that historically and doctrinally has been regarded as essential to the Christian faith. All Bible Study Leaders and staff are asked to be in full agreement with this statement.

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Precept is growing and expanding today because of the givers, Bible Study Leaders, and students who have made this ministry their own. Will you join them?