Every summer, Precept has a small group of college-age students that dedicate 10 weeks of the summer to grow as leaders learning how to study the Bible inductively and how to make disciples intentionally wherever they go. This time in God’s Word impacted their lives as they spent hours being trained and teaching others. The Word of God and the Holy Spirit transforms lives and we want you to hear about it for yourself!

“The Lord has used this ministry and this internship to radically change my life. One thing He taught me this summer was the importance of disciple making, and the role that the Holy Spirit plays in that, that we apart from Him can do nothing. There’s nothing that I can teach anyone, but it’s by the Holy Spirit that we learn and grow our relationship with the Lord. I highly encourage you if you are considering this internship, apply, pray and see what the Lord will do.”

Emily L., Indiana

“One of the biggest skills I’ve learned this summer is how to teach students in a way that they are learning for themselves. I learned to ask them questions so that they are discovering the truth for themselves, instead of me just teaching them. Three reasons why someone should apply for this internship is for the training you receive on how to lead all of the Precept studies, the community is filled with people on fire for the Lord and you get to spend all summer in God’s Word, which you can’t go wrong with that.”

Rachel S., Florida

“I think this internship really attributes to understanding more of who you are, what gifts the Lord has given you, what strengths He has given you and walking in that. I have seen my strengths and weaknesses and can conduct myself in leadership and discipleship now that I am aware of myself. If you are considering doing this internship, Precept will not waste your time. They are going to hold you to a high standard, but they will equip you to exceed the expectations and high standards they have set.”

Fulgham B., Texas

“One thing the Lord has really shown me is how to use the Precept Bible Study Method well and the power of asking questions. He also showed me how to be teachable and the role that the Holy Spirit has in your life. This internship is going to challenge you and going to teach you to depend on the Holy Spirit. If you have a heart for students, disciple-making, teaching Bible study and want to do life with a great group of people, I would encourage you to apply.”

John Mark W., Louisiana

“What the Lord taught me this summer was a perfect example of how to live out the great commission practically. I am not someone that feels super confident speaking in front of people. During this internship, I was placed into a lot of different environments where I had to lead discussions and the Lord continually showed me that my confidence is based on Him alone. ENGAGE is the perfect balance of being taught and then putting that into practice. What was so great was the way that the internship is set up – I was able to walk in, be trained and put that training into practice right away.”

Kenzie C., Texas

“Some of the skills I have gained through this ENGAGE Internship is being able to facilitate a conversation through Bible Study, being able to ask questions that would allow the students both young and old to be able to discuss what they have been seeing in the Word and how that relates to their relationship with God. This internship stretches you because of the awesome community and the leadership that puts you in a position to grow to where you think you can’t grow anymore – but it’s in that stretching that you learn to be dependent on the Holy Spirit throughout the whole entire summer.”

Nathaniel S., North Carolina

“Through the ENGAGE Internship, the Lord taught me again that it’s so important to know God’s Word and to discover God’s truth for myself – I knew that coming in, but through the community here, I’ve seen how it’s so significant to establish ourselves in God’s Word individually and then come together as a group unified under the truth of the gospel – you’re learning more about God and each other while being fortified in the truth of Scripture.”

Bianca D., North Carolina

“This summer we learned how to facilitate discussion as opposed to teaching at students – this way students have the opportunity to dig in and take hold of the truths God is teaching them through their own personal study. This internship hasn’t been like anything I’ve ever done. It has provided opportunities to grow within a community and what’s so awesome is that we’ve been given an opportunity to implement what we learned. It’s very applicable, tangible things that will really impact your relationship with God and those you’re in community with, and will provide opportunity for gospel to be spread in your own community.”

Will W., Tennessee

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