Every summer, Precept has a small group of college-age students that dedicate 10 weeks of the summer to grow as leaders learning how to study the Bible inductively and how to make disciples intentionally wherever they go. This time in God’s Word impacted their lives as they spent hours being trained and teaching others. The Word of God and the Holy Spirit transformed our 2017 summer interns’ hearts and lives and we want you to hear about their experience for yourself!

What did the Lord show you through this internship?

“God showed me more of Himself. I had never realized how much Christ is the main theme all throughout Scripture. Going through the different materials that Precept offers has shown just how Christ-centered and God-centered the Bible really is. There are so many practical lessons within the Bible yet they hold no weight without Christ.”

Stephen, VA (2017 Intern)

What did God allow you to be a part of this summer?

“My favorite thing that God allowed me to be a part of in the internship was the family itself. Fellowship and encouragement with the interns and trainers was such a blessing for me. It was amazing to see myself grow in how to have relationships and to see the other interns being sanctified through the joys and challenges that came along. EQUIP Boot Camps were also a HUGE blessing. It was an honor to teach students about the truths in God’s Word. I loved that God invited me to see Him work in their lives.”

Krissy, MS (2017 Intern)

What skills did you gain through this internship?

“One of the many skills I gained this summer is that I don’t always have to be the one in control. God is the one who is constantly and will always be in control. It is okay for me to step back and let others take charge of the situation.”

Noah, OK (2017 Intern)

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