Your Prayers
Make a Difference

In 2024, we would be honored if you prayed with us. Our 2024 Prayer Guide contains 31 big-picture prayer requests that we’re bringing before the Lord each month for the duration of the year. We’re so grateful to know you’re praying alongside us this year as we seek God’s wisdom and blessing upon this ministry!

  1. DAY 1

    Please pray for many new people around the world to be introduced to inductive Bible study through Precept. Ask that their relationships with God would deepen through knowing His Word.

  2. DAY 2

    Please pray for God’s favor and wisdom to be given to Precept partners as they steward their resources throughout the year and give cheerfully and faithfully to the ministry.

  3. DAY 3

    Pray that God would provide the means necessary to distribute Precept resources to any and all who want them around the world.

  4. DAY 4

    Ask for God’s favor as the Precept team works to raise up more Bible study leaders all over the world using both online and in-person training.

  5. DAY 5

    Pray for wisdom, creativity, and energy for Precept’s Executive Board and senior leadership as they guide the ministry.

  6. DAY 6

    Ask God to bless all of our Precept Country Directors with strength, joy, and good health as they engage people in relationship with God through Scripture.

  7. DAY 7

    Social media can have a profound impact. Pray that many around the world come to know God through Scripture because of the biblical teaching on Precept’s social media channels.

  8. DAY 8

    Precept is providing Bible study resources to believers in nearly 190 countries—please pray for open doors so the Precept team can reach even more with God’s Word.

  9. DAY 9

    Pray for the Precept team in the United States as they develop Bible study content for the next generation. Ask God to give them insight to the unique needs of this audience—and for receptive hearts among those who will use these resources.

  10. DAY 10

    Lift up the Precept Timothy Schools across the globe—ask God to reach more people through His Word as they diligently study it.

  11. DAY 11

    Pray for Precept Regional Directors as they travel, train, and equip believers in relationship with God through Scripture. Ask for many to come to know God deeply through His Word because of their faithful ministry.

  12. DAY 12

    Pray for good health among the Precept teams around the world so they can continue to minister to the great needs in their countries.

  13. DAY 13

    Precept Bible study resources are printed in over 90 languages. Ask for God’s blessing as translation work continues in 2024.

  14. DAY 14

    Today, pray for Precept camps that will be held throughout the year. At each camp, dozens of children and teenagers learn to study Scripture for themselves, but not by themselves. Ask for God’s blessing on each student as they seek to know Him deeply.

  15. DAY 15

    Pray for Precept’s Customer Service team in the United States as they care for the Precept family, answering questions and resolving issues with grace and love.

  16. DAY 16

    Lift up the Precept team in the United States as they connect with giving partners around the world. Ask God to guide them to those whom He is calling to come alongside us in engaging people in relationship with God through His Word.

  17. DAY 17

    Pray for all those studying God’s Word using Precept resources while in Bible college or seminary. Ask the Lord to help every believer study to show themselves approved workmen, so they may be adequate for every good work.

  18. DAY 18

    Take time today to pray for our country—ask God to be gracious and lead many, including those in positions of leadership, to repentance and faith. Pray for His continued blessing upon His church as we shine like lights in the world.

  19. DAY 19

    Ask for God’s blessing upon Precept leaders involved in prison ministry around the world. Praise God for His grace in meeting each person where they are, and ask that He continue to draw people to Himself through this ministry.

  20. DAY 20

    Please pray for wisdom and favor for Precept leaders in Europe who are ministering to Arab refugees.

  21. DAY 21

    Pray for believers around the world meeting in secret for fear of persecution. Ask for the Lord’s protection and encouragement as they continue in His Word.

  22. DAY 22

    Lift up Bible study groups meeting around the world. Ask God for unity and love to grow between the members of each group.

  23. DAY 23

    Pray for safety and strength for Precept leaders who live in countries that are at war or experiencing civil unrest as they continue to teach God’s Word despite the turmoil around them.

  24. DAY 24

    Pray for mission projects held around the world, including sports leagues, computer training, and fashion clubs. May many people find God through studying His Word as they gather for these events.

  25. DAY 25

    Lift up Precept leaders ministering in refugee camps. Pray for the lives of many to be transformed by knowing God through His Word.

  26. DAY 26

    Please pray for the children who study God’s Word using Precept materials, that they would grow in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  27. DAY 27

    Pray for unity and new partnerships between churches of various denominations and the Precept teams in the nearly 190 countries where they serve so that more people can read, understand, and share God’s Word.

  28. DAY 28

    Ask for God’s blessing upon all those enrolled in a Precept Institute. Pray students would know God more deeply through faithful study of His Word.

  29. DAY 29

    Pray for workshops that will be held in 2024. May the Lord use each training to equip believers with the tools and support they need to read and understand Scripture for themselves.

  30. DAY 30

    Please pray for the International Operations team in the United States as they minister to Precept directors around the world. Ask that the global Precept team would be unified, knit together in peace and love.

  31. DAY 31

    Pray for new Bible study groups starting this month. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide each person as they study God’s Word in community.

“Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.”


Psalm 127:1 (ESV)

Pray for Precept

Your prayers are the most powerful gift you can give. Join us in seeking God’s will and provision for Precept with these specific prayer requests.

  • That we would be on our Father’s agenda, doing not our own work but His—John 6:38
  • That everything we do would result in the praise of His glory—Ephesians 1:9-12
  • That we would find favor with pastors and ministry leaders everywhere as we support their calling to present their people mature and complete in Christ—Colossians 1:28
  • That we would join the Apostle Paul and be successful in our effort to encourage pastors and ministry leaders to wholeheartedly promote the primacy of the Bible in evangelism, teaching and discipleship—2 Timothy 4:1-5