Africa: When Students Become Leaders

Mar 1, 2021

Today, more Christians live in Africa than any other continent.

More and more people in Africa are turning to Christ, and as they learn more about their Savior, they are hungry for the truth found in Scripture. That’s where Precept Leaders are stepping in.

God is doing incredible things across Africa. And even in the face of a global pandemic, He is using Precept Leaders and resources to equip new believers with the tools they need to understand Scripture for themselves.

Online Precept Leader Training

When COVID-19 swept across Africa, many in-person gatherings were cancelled—including Bible study workshops. But the regional Precept team quickly pivoted, setting up online training events so people could continue diving into God’s Word during the uncertain season.

In September, over 200 students from eight countries logged in to one of these online trainings. More than half the students were pastors, and many were attending a Precept workshop for the first time! Here are just a few of the testimonies from the event:

“The most valuable part for me is the Precept Method . . . . I am going to use this method in my Bible studies, teaching, and preaching. I am also going to use this method to train pastors in the new Bible school we are just about to start.” — J.N.Y.A., Ghana

“The training was very valuable to me, thank you very much. I will use what I learned to teach the church leaders, ministers, and evangelists. I will set aside time to teach them.” — M.B., Ethiopia

“Simple and practical training such as this—which is missions-oriented and evangelistic—will help me in my personal life as well as my ministry. It gave me more motivation and energy.” — M.T., Uganda

Through the training, these church leaders are now equipped to understand God’s Word—and to guide others in the study of Scripture!

Kenyan Rehabilitation Center

Countless children live on the streets of Kenya. These young people are vulnerable and desperate, but through God’s Word, they are discovering a living hope in the gospel.

Recently, the local Precept team partnered with a Kenyan rehabilitation center and led trainings with staff members. Equipped with training and copies of the 40-Minute study How to Make Choices You Won’t Regret, these new Precept Leaders started study groups with boys rescued from homelessness.

Immediately, the leaders saw a response—the study became so popular, nearly 90 boys joined groups to study God’s Word three times a week. Over the course of the study, some of the young men showed a gift for leadership, and the staff provided leader training so they could lead their own study groups with their peers.

Hilary, one of the boys impacted by the study, has a message for Precept partners: “I want to encourage you that it’s working. We at the Global Hope Home really, really appreciate this [study].”

Boys who were once violent, angry, addicted, and lonely are thriving as they know Jesus through Scripture. Because of the generosity of givers like you, they are now equipped to make biblical, Christ-led decisions in every aspect of their lives.

The Precept team in Africa needs your prayers. As they continue to deal with the effects of COVID-19, please pray for their safety and encouragement, and ask God to continue to grow His kingdom across the continent.

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