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Radu’s Story: The Impact of One Leader (#GivingTuesday)

Nov 16, 2020

Everything changes when people are equipped to understand God’s Word. As we prepare for Giving Tuesday, we are sharing stories about how God is using givers like you to change lives around the world. (Stick around to the end to learn more about how you can join us on Giving Tuesday!)

When you give to Precept, you help support trainers guiding others to God’s Word—trainers like Radu.

Radu was on his way home to Iraq from Southeast Asia when the COVID-19 pandemic erupted. Caught in a lockdown in Laos, far away from his family and friends, Radu could have easily given in to discouragement. But he knew God had placed him in that country for a reason—so he decided to continue his ministry and train others in the Precept™ Bible Study Method.

In Laos, once I stepped into the country, immediately they closed the borders. So for three months, I’ve been there . . . but every time is a great opportunity to share the gospel.


Radu specializes in sports outreach, so he began to contact some of his soccer connections in Southeast Asia. Eventually, Radu was put in contact with some key faith leaders in Laos, and he began training them in the Precept Method online! The leaders told Radu that the training couldn’t have come at a better time. God gave them great joy and encouragement as they studied God’s Word.

A frustrating and discouraging situation became, by God’s grace, an opportunity for joy! As these Laotian believers have studied and understood God’s Word, they have found hope to sustain them through a pandemic.

But Radu’s story doesn’t stop there. In addition to leading online trainings, Radu also began an in-person Bible study in his hotel.

As he got to know other quarantined guests, Radu met a middle-aged couple from South Africa. Radu heard that the wife had attempted suicide while staying at the hotel, and he approached the couple twice, inviting them to study Breaking Free from Fear with his group. Both times, the couple turned him away, asking Radu to leave them alone.

However, God was at work in their hearts. One day, Pierre, the husband, asked Radu if he could join the Bible study group. Since Pierre didn’t have a Bible—and English Bibles are hard to find in Laos—Radu gave Pierre his personal New Inductive Study Bible and welcomed him into the study. As Pierre began to understand Scripture, he started reading passages out loud to his wife every night. Three weeks into the study, he accepted Christ!

Weeping, he told Radu, “Now, I have peace in my heart. This is what I have lacked most in my life.”

Everyone was going through fear — they didn’t know what was going to happen to them. They lost their flights, they lost a lot of money — everything. But God melted their hearts and made them look for hope.


A few weeks later, Pierre was a completely different person, filled with joy, peace, and love. “If God allowed me to be stuck in this country for just this time,” Pierre said, “praise be to God for this wonderful gift.”

Through the power of God’s Word, Pierre now knows the God who redeems and heals all things. And this kind of impact begins with your gift.

What is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday was created as a response to the materialism of the holiday season. On the Tuesday after Thanksgiving (12/1/2020), people around the world come together to support causes they believe in.

And when you participate in Giving Tuesday with Precept, your gift will be matched! All gifts on December 1 will be matched 100% up to $95,000, meaning your gift will have double the kingdom impact!

How can I participate?

This Tuesday, December 1, there are two ways to give—through our website and through social media. (Remember: you need to give on December 1 for your gift to be matched!)

  1. You can participate online by visiting our website on December 1 and clicking the alert at the bottom of the screen. It will take you directly to our Giving Tuesday donation page!
  2. You can give through social media by visiting our Facebook or Instagram pages on December 1. On Facebook, you can click the “Donate” button at the top of our profile. On Instagram you can click the “Donate” button on any of our Stories, or you can click the link in our bio.

It only takes two minutes to be part of this world-changing work—join us on Giving Tuesday to double your kingdom impact!

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