South Asia: Staying Faithful in the Struggle

Feb 1, 2021

Eight Christians die for their faith globally every day.

For many believers, choosing to follow Christ can come with harsh consequences. But even in areas where persecution is increasing, God’s Word is changing lives.

Below, we’ve included two testimonies from believers in South Asia, a region with growing hostility towards Christians. Because of givers like you, they can know God deeply through His Word—and that is a living hope that outshines any darkness.

For Christina, everything changed with Precept.

Christina grew up reading the Bible and attending church. However, her childhood was marked by grief and struggle. Christina’s relationship with God sustained her, and she learned at an early age to depend on her Savior.

But when it came to reading the Bible, Christina didn’t know how to go deeper. “I was unable to understand and felt as if the Bible was contradicting at times,” Christina remembers. “I longed to know and study the Word of God correctly and systematically.”

When she joined a Precept study, Christina found the resource she had been looking for. “[Precept] has changed the way I can study the Bible. It has taken me to a different level . . . the way it gets into the depth of the Word has taken me by surprise.”

Two years later, Christina is on her third Precept study, and she loves Precept’s emphasis on applying Scripture to your life.

“The beautiful thing about Precept is it teaches us how to live with the Word,” Christina says. “Through this study, God has revealed a lot of His Word to me personally, and it has helped me draw closer to Him and to rely on Him with confidence.”

Studying God’s Word strengthened Christina’s faith, and today, she can confidently go to His Word in all situations for hope and guidance.

Nothing could stop these pastors from sharing God’s Word.

Last fall, seven pastors and Precept Leaders were arrested on their way to lead Bible study groups in several South Asian villages. Charged with proselytizing, the men were imprisoned, halting their ministry.

Miraculously, three of the pastors were released a few weeks later with the warning to never return “on the same road.” But the men knew God was calling them to share His Word with these communities, so they asked Him to help them continue their outreach.

Soon, they had an idea: What if they could access the villages without traveling on roads at all? Using boats, the pastors returned to the remote communities, ready to show people how to study Scripture.

As one of the men explained, “How can we let our people be discouraged by not returning to teach them the Word of God?” Although they face increasing opposition, these pastors continue to build God’s kingdom—one Bible study at a time.

The Precept team in South Asia needs your prayers. Please pray for Precept Leaders as they continue to minister despite increasing persecution. Ask that through Bible studies and trainings, people across South Asia would learn about the true God through His Word.

For people around the world, Precept resources are the guide leading them to a deeper relationship with God. This impact is only possible because of giving partners like you. Thank you for faithfully giving and furthering His kingdom!

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