The Call To Lead

The calling to “go and make disciples” is to every believer, but how do you do that? One way to put the Great Commission into practice is to start your own Bible study. If you have been impacted by Inductive Bible study and see the benefits of this type of study, then why not share this method with others?

Become a Bible Study Leader

Precept is mobilizing believers who “rightly handle the Word of God” and want to use their spiritual gifts and skills so that others can be transformed by Truth through learning to study the Bible inductively. If you share our passion for establishing people in God’s Word, we invite you to become a Precept™ Bible Study Leader.

Why become a Precept Bible Study Leader?

Becoming a Precept™ Bible Study Leader is a deeply rewarding experience! You will see firsthand how people’s lives are changed through the study of God’s Word.  When you become a Precept™ Bible Study Leader, you join a Network of dedicated leaders and support teams around the country and world!


Though it is not necessary to have formal training for many of our Precept™ Bible Studies, we always encourage our leaders to attend Training Workshops to continuously increase their Bible study and leadership skills.  Join us at our Chattanooga campus or in a location close to you!

Get equipped with exclusive resources

Find resources and tools for Bible Study Leaders and other tools in our Resource Library or register for a Bible Study Leader Training Workshop in your area.

Get connected with other leaders

Find opportunities to connect with other Bible Study Leaders through gatherings in your area or conferences at Precept.


“I knew God had called me to teach, but I needed to truly know how to study the Bible. I did not have a clue. I attended my first Precept™ Training Workshop and was hooked! My life has never been the same since learning to study God’s Word inductively!”