Precept Ministries & Continuing Education

Many Precept Upon Precept®, NISS, In&Out® and LORD courses qualify for Continuing Education Units.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are CEUs?

CEUs (Continuing Education Units) are professional credits earned by participating in approved professional development programs. In addition to advanced degrees, CEUs certify or re-certify the professional status of teachers most Christian organizations require for their staff. Precept Ministries International’s (PMI) biblical studies are approved by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI:

Can I verify ACSI’s approvals?

Yes you can, in fact ACSI encourages you to do so! Their certification department lists all ACSI-approved providers who issue certificates. In addition, PMI logs ACSI’s approval letters and numbers for each course.

What kinds of Precept courses offer professional CEUs?

Precept offers CEUs for PUP, I&O (In & Out), NISS, and Lord Series Courses, Workshops, and even Tours.

How is the number (#) of CEUs per course calculated?

Six hours of in-class instruction are required per CEU. This includes personal or taped (audio or video) lectures and class discussions but excludes study assignments, reading, writing, and research time. Our Web listing gives the number of CEUs for each course.

How and when do I get my CEUs?
  • Complete an approved Precept Course taught by a Precept Leader (PUP, In and Out [I&O], NISS, and Lord Series), Workshop taught by a Precept Trainer, Conference, or Study Tour.
  • For PUP, I&O, NISS, and Lord Courses, ask your leader to complete and sign a CEU Request Form. Mail this document to Precept Ministries International, Attn. Constituent Response (CEU Request), P.O. Box 182218, Chattanooga, TN 37422.
  • For Training Workshops, fill out the Completion Confirmation Sheet and turn it into the trainer at the end of the workshop.
  • For Conferences and Tours, mail your request to PMI.
  • We will mail the CEU certificates to you.

CEU Request Form Download

A request form for Christian School Teachers Certification with ACSI.

CEU Approved Courses

Precept offers CEUs for PUP, I&O (In & Out), NISS, and Lord Series Courses, Workshops, and even Tours.