Know God Deeply. Live Differently.

Bible Study training and resources to engage people in relationship with God.
Share God’s Word
Build Relationships
Impact Your Community

Reach your community with what they need.

Choose a study with an intensity level and content structure that works for your group.
No homework
Medium Light
Limited homework
(15-30 minutes/day)
Medium Heavy
Mid-range homework
(30+ minutes/day)
Intensive homework
(60+ minutes/day)

Kids & Teen Series Available

Here’s how you

can reach your community

1. Choose your study
2. Teach your class
3. Reach your community

Is it hard to reach your community with God’s Word?

  • Do you feel unequipped to fulfill your calling?
  • Are you insecure about sharing God’s Word?
  • Is it hard to excite others about God’s Word?
  • Did your last Bible study flop?
  • Is getting started a challenge?
  • Are the tools you are using missing the mark?

Why Lead?

Sharing God’s Word can be intimidating, and ‘making disciples’ can feel completely out of reach to many Christians. Others want to spread the gospel and impact their community but just don’t know where to start.

If that’s you, we can help.

After 50 years of sharing God’s truth through Bible study, we believe that small, relational, discussion-based groups are key to knowing God through His Word and impacting communities.

When you lead a Bible study, you become Christ’s hands and feet bringing the gospel to your friends and neighbors

We’ve dedicated 50 years to creating an approach that equips you to share God’s Word with your community.

50 Years of Ministry


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