The Mission to Share God's Word

It is our desire for you to use your spiritual gifts for His glory and to help you make an impact for the Kingdom of God. Learn how you can become a Bible Study Leader.






Become A Bible Study Leader

The calling to “go and make disciples” is to every believer, but how do you do that? One way to put the Great Commission into practice is to start your own Bible study. If you’ve been impacted by Inductive Bible study and see the benefits of this type of study, then why not share this method with others?

Becoming a Precept™ Bible Study Leader is a deeply rewarding experience! You will see firsthand how people’s lives are changed through the study of God’s Word.

Resources to help you share God’s Word

We want to help provide you with the tools you need to equip you to become a better Bible Study Leader. Get your FREE RESOURCES: Leader Guides, Video Resources, Tips For Posting A Class, First Lesson Downloads, Maps, Charts, and much more.