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United Kingdom: Life-Changing Intimacy with God

Apr 10, 2023

Before ascending to heaven, Jesus commissioned His followers: “Make disciples” (Matthew 28:18-20). When you give to Precept, you’re helping people around the world become disciples of Jesus by knowing God through knowing His Word—people like Quintin.

Led to the Lord by his mother—whom he describes as an avid believer—when they lived in Rhodesia (present-day Zimbabwe), Quintin made a profession of faith at just six years old. In the years to follow, he describes his Christian walk as “following [and] falling, following [and] falling.”

Yet with each year that passed, his faith became stronger and “more of a reality” for him. Quintin even went on to attend Bible school, and his study of Scripture ignited a love for the Word of God.

As turmoil in the country reached a fever-pitch, Quintin sensed the Lord leading him to uproot his family and they soon found themselves in the United Kingdom.

Once he was in the UK, Quintin had a deep hunger to study the Bible that couldn’t be sated. He began searching the Internet for a Bible study, and he happened upon Precept’s website. He entered his contact details—and that’s when everything began to change.

About ten minutes later, the Precept team in the UK got in touch with Quintin, and Quintin realized this was exactly what he’d been searching for: the tools, support, and community he needed to study God’s Word and discover truth for himself.

“I was actually starting to hear God through His Word,” Quintin shares. “The secrets of God are never revealed to those who are in a rush, and Precept has taught me that. Because I slowed down, I’ve heard God speak to me clearly through the Word using the inductive method.”

Although he works full-time and is a father, Quintin has developed a habit of spending time each morning seeking to know God more deeply through knowing His Word. Recently, after a season of being in poor health and feeling like he was in a valley, Quintin decided to participate in a Precept group study of the book of Daniel. He shared that he found the study “quite literally life-changing.”

“Precept studies are like a match to the fuel in my heart,” he said. “Every time I do a study, there is an ignition within me to want to know God even more.”

Knowing God deeply through knowing His Word has intensified Quintin’s desire to live differently:

Through studying this book, I have realized how single-minded one needs to be when choosing the way of God. I read Daniel 12:3, which says, “Those who have insight will shine brightly like the brightness of the expanse of heaven, and those who lead the many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever.” And it was like a light went on that I really needed to be a man of insight, and to become that I needed to study the Word of God. By doing this, I would be able to disciple others.

And in fact, Quintin has long been a devoted Precept Bible Study Leader, helping others discover truth for themselves—but not by themselves.

When you give to Precept, this is your impact—you’re helping more and more people know God deeply and live differently. Help change someone’s life—partner with Precept today!

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