Boot Camp: Next Generation, Next Leaders

Apr 1, 2021

Students have always been at the heart of Precept’s ministry—and for decades, young people have traveled to Chattanooga for the immersive and transformative (and fun!) Boot Camp.

Every summer, students from across the country gather in Chattanooga for a week of fellowship, fun, and going deeper in their faith. At the Precept Young Leader Boot Camp, young believers learn what it means to study and share God’s Word, and they leave equipped to start their own Bible study groups with their peers.

In 2020, Boot Camp shifted online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But a change in platform didn’t mean a change in impact. As a partner with Precept, you allow students to experience life-changing events like Camp. Don’t take our word for it— here are some incredible testimonies from last summer that are just too powerful not to share!

Lauren’s Story

“I just wanted to share that the Lord is showing me so much through this study, and I am so thankful. I now have a completely new mindset about the Gospels . . . . Without Precept’s Bible Study Method, I can’t say I would be where I am today spiritually.”

Jack’s Story

“I think this past week [at Camp] I have really been called to be a leader in my school and my friend group. One thing that really stood out to me was a line from one of the songs during worship: ‘If I’m not dead, you’re not done.’ I realized I need to do a better job of sharing God’s Word with others.”

Mari Jo’s Story

“I must admit, I was unsure how enjoyable Boot Camp would be through a computer screen. However, the Precept staff made it so wonderful. I am blown away at how impactful Boot Camp has been for me. God has taught me peace and a full trust that relies on Him. The 2020 Camp has inspired me and challenged me to pursue Christ with a new passion. It has finally clicked that this path is not going to be easy—but it will be worth it. Thank you so much for putting Boot Camp together to change lives like mine.”

Lindsay’s Story

“This was my first year at Boot Camp and my first time ever doing Precept. I have learned to study my Bible to learn what God was saying and apply those truths to my life. This week [at Camp], God also reminded me that He sees my heart . . . . He knows me inside and out and loves me all the more. After this week, I’m going to continue studying my Bible this way, and I am going to turn to God first whenever I feel weak—because He does not see that as a weakness but a sign of strength.”

Madelyn’s Story

“I have been so blessed this week. Studying the book of Mark has been absolutely amazing! One thing that convicted and challenged me was how the disciples IMMEDIATELY followed Jesus. They left everything and followed Him. . . . I honestly can’t even explain all that the Lord has taught me. [Camp] has felt much more like ‘normal’ than I thought it would, and I’m so excited! Boot Camp has been life-changing to me, and I absolutely loved it all! I cannot wait until next year!”

In a post-Camp survey, 85% of the students said they wanted to join a Bible study group, and nearly 50% wanted to become Bible study leaders! Consider becoming a giving partner today to support this kind of life-changing impact on students!

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