Eastern Europe: Transformed by Scripture

Jun 6, 2022

Each year, thousands of young people enroll in Timothy School camps around the world.

Specifically geared towards students, these unique Precept trainings invite young people to go deeper in their faith in community with their peers. During the two-week sessions, students learn how to use the Precept Bible Study Method and how to apply it in their daily walk with God.

Engaging with God’s Word changes lives. Below are two stories from students as they studied during their Timothy School session earlier this year.

Vlad’s Story

As Vlad worked through Scripture with his peers, he felt God moving in a new way. “During this study, I saw how God personally worked inside my heart and showed me how much He cares for me. He will never leave me and will take care of me if I accept His care.”

But during the second week of training, Vlad began to battle fear—if he completely dedicated his life to God, he wouldn’t be able to keep living the way he had before camp. One night, he cried out to God, and God answered: “I experienced the Lord’s presence as I prayed on my knees asking Him to help me,” Vlad remembers.

After that night of prayer, Vlad approached Bible study as a changed person. Excited, humble, and thankful, he committed to learning how to live out God’s Word in all areas of his life. He wants his story to be a testament to his family, too:

“The testimony of my life shows my unbelieving relatives that God is a caring Shepherd . . . even I can give them the Word. How wonderful to be in the family of such a God!”

Svetlana’s Story

Svetlana faced many obstacles during the Timothy School, from health setbacks to family stressors. But as she studied Scripture, God met her where she was.

“During the session, God was with me. He provided everything I needed to attend the training, gave me the strength to complete the study, and took care of my family.”

Even when she felt like giving up, Svetlana felt God urging her to rely on Him for strength, and He sustained her through the training. “As Healer and Lord . . . He restored my health. As the God of peace, when I prayed not to be disturbed by circumstances, I had peace with my family.”  

Continuing the work

In addition to Bible study training, the other focus of Timothy Schools is discipleship. During a training, students are taught how to share what they learn with their peers. As part of their ongoing homework, each student is asked to start their own Bible study groups and report back to their leaders about their progress. From just this one Timothy School, 172 new people are now engaged in study groups across the area!

As a partner with Precept, this is the impact of your giving. Thank you for helping people like Vlad and Svetlana get the resources, training, and community they need to know God deeply through knowing His Word—and share that knowledge with others!

Impact people like Vlad and Svetlana
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