Latin America: Change through community

Jul 1, 2022

Some of the world’s most committed believers live in Central and South America. Christians across the region are living out what they believe in their communities through service and discipleship—and God is using Precept to help in this work.

For Christians in countries like Guatemala and Ecuador, God is using Precept training and resources to strengthen their faith and help them reach more people with the gospel. Here are two stories to encourage you: Your giving is making an eternal impact!

In metropolitan Guatemala

Daniel was working on his IT degree in Guatemala City when a friend introduced him to his first Precept study. From then on, he was hooked.

“In this short time, I have learned so much about the Lord and His Word,” Daniel says. Soon after finishing that first study, Daniel was trained as a Precept Leader and started leading his own Precept group. He has been so encouraged as he has watched others find answers to their questions and doubts in God’s Word:

“The most important part is that everyone finds answers to their own doubts in the Word, looking at their markings in the verses. By not giving them the answers, this method fosters the true learning process: Search and discover.”

Daniel continues to lead Precept groups and spread the word about the Precept Method. “I personally recommend these resources . . . they make Bible study more enjoyable, and they are versatile enough that we can study in a group setting or individually. Regardless, we always know we are going to learn something.”

In the jungles of Ecuador

Sometimes, following God’s call leads us to places we never expected.

Henry, a Precept Trainer and pastor in Ecuador, was recently transferred to a rural area of the country with his wife and three children. Settling into the Ecuadorian jungle, he began pastoring a church of 200 people this January.

He wanted to bring the Precept Method to his new congregation, so that same month, Henry and his wife stepped out in faith and started their first Precept class in their new community. Over 100 people joined to learn how to study the Bible through a 40-Minute study!

The response to the Precept training surpassed Henry’s expectations.

As the word spread about Henry’s ministry, the country-wide Precept family came together to support this incredible outreach. The Regional Director for South America sent 120 Bible studies to Henry so he can give them out to his church, and Precept Leaders across Ecuador donated funds to cover the cost of materials for Henry’s next Precept class.

Despite language barriers and unreliable Internet connections, Henry and his family are seeing an incredible response to Bible study. This is the kind of community that you support through your giving—and the impact keeps growing!

As a partner with Precept, you are the link connecting these believers with the resources, training, and community they need to know God deeper. Thank you for furthering His global, eternal mission!

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